11 weeks today - symptoms all but gone?

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babs76 Posts: 1000
I've been reading up on week 11 of pregnancy and i know they say that a lot of my symptoms should be passing now i.e. morning sickness, fatigue but to be honest I kinda liked having the symptoms coz it felt like i was still pregnant (iykwim) Apart from sore boobs and the odd twinge i dont seem to have any symptoms at all - i went for a scan last Mon week and all was fine and i did a HPT yesterday (dont ask me why :-8 ) so i'm definitely still pregnant Is anyone else in the same boat as me?
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
babs76, this happened me @ 10 wks. Up until then I had been feeling nauseous, wrecked tired, sore boobs etc. I was freaked out when all that just disappeared. Then I had my scan at 11 wks 4 days & there was babs bouncing away. Don't worry. It's perfectly normal :wv
Toblerone Posts: 2698
It's fairly normal for preg signs and symptoms to come and go. Mine all disappeared around 11 wks and then were back at 13 then gone again and back at 16wks!! It does happen. :wv
babs76 Posts: 1000
thanks girls - feel a bit better about it now I have my scan on Fri week and the time is dragging!!!!!!!!
baby2008 Posts: 1254
Hi Babs, the same happened to me and I believe its quite common. It can come back again in a few weeks but I found mine stayed away but your scan next week will reassure you.
wombats Posts: 665
I had mild symptoms anyway but they disappeared at 9 weeks. I'm now 14 weeks and have no symptoms whatsoever. I've had 2 scans and all is well but I find it hard to remember that I'm pregnant at times! count yourself lucky that you're not being sick all the time.
ainm Posts: 2211
I think it's all completely normal babs. I had no real symptoms for the whole pregnancy. Except for a growing belly :o0
brideparis Posts: 17