12 and a half hours late for pill

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gniddew Posts: 276
Hi girls, Forgot to take my pill last night and took it this morning instead. Its 12 and a half hours late. Should i be ringing my doctor for morning after pill? Thats the worst about bank holiday weekends. All sense of routine goes out the window? (P.S. I did an ovulation calculation and yes 18 April is my most fertile day) HELP
Cheeky Posts: 138
mmmm, maybe you should to be on the safe side. Would it be such a bad thing if you got pregnant now. Maybe not considering your wedding is so close? I had the same situation a few months back. Missed it on the day my fertile day was. Got it to be on the safe side. You don't want to spend the rest of the month worrying if your period will come or not. If you are getting it, get it today. I had a friend who left it till the last day (within the 72 hours) and low and behold she got pregnant! Im sure you'll be fine! :P
charli Posts: 5994
not to be over worrying you but i missed mine on my most fertile date and was pg!! maybe you should get the m.f. pill just to be sure, you have 72 hours to take it good luck!
gniddew Posts: 276
Thanks girls for your replies. Spoke to my nurse and gave all details. Said it would be ok and not to go in for morning after pill. TG. Its not the wedding I am worried about its the honeymoon. Flying and morning sickness - no thanks!!