12 Week blowdry - question re Shampoo & Conditioner

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win Posts: 183
Hi, I am due to get my first 12 week blowdry (brazilian blowout)in a few weeks after getting a deal on Grab one. I have read a review on the salon where they will sell you shampoo, conditioner and a mask with a discount but it still works out at approx €70 and you need this to get the benefit of it and to make it last. Has anyone found a cheaper alternative or just not used them. Thanks.
yippeeme Posts: 2139
Hi win, I had this treatment done two years ago and it was amazing, got the shampoos and used them loved the result. But they have since taken the folmaldahyde (sp) out of the treatment and it's not the same at all, doesn't work now, well didn't for me. I also bought one on one of those deal sites. I knew they had changed the product, my own hairdresser had told me not to bother, she said she would do it but it wouldn't work and it was the same price, she rang the company to complain that they should reduce the price as it didn't work as well but they wouldn't so she couldn't reduce the price either. I was still interested as i hoped to get it for my wedding, so when i saw one on the deal site for a third of the normal price i got it just to see if it would work. Had it done in dublin and it didn't work at all, total waste of money. Sorry to rain on your parade, but just said i'd let you know in case you want to cancel the deal and get your money back. It may work for you i don't know but just from my experience it didn't work.
win Posts: 183
Hi yepeeme, thanks for your reply and being so honest. I did have my doubts when it was so cheap. I think I will still try it and do a little more research on getting the shampoo, etc cheaper. I hope I will get some more opinions from other wollies.Thanks.
bizarre bride Posts: 234
My MIL has this done and they sold her an alternative shampoo as they didnt have the one for her hair type on the day. This was after she had the blowdry done a few times before. When she came home and used the alternative shampoo it didnt have the same effect at all. Her hair returned to its dry and frizzy kinda state. Not sure the blow dry ever lasted quite 12 weeks on her maybe 6. but it did work for a short while. So my guess is you have to get the actual shampoo.