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Powder Room Girls Posts: 23
Hi Girls, The Powder Room Girls are now offering the 12 week blow-dry at their studio in Naas and have a special introductory offer of €160 including the shampoo and conditioner . This is a non chemical Keratin treatment designed to defrizz and condition the hair leaving it much calmer and frizz free. It works best on coloured/highlighted hair and when shampooed and dried after treatment will go back into the shape that the stylist blow-dried it into . There is no need for the GHD when you have this treatment and you hair will shine like never before. For an appointment or more information please e mail us at [email protected] or call Susan on 0876206148
LJMom Posts: 1100
Has anyone had this done at Powder Room? Id love top have it done just want to know if it worth it. I have pretty straight hair but its ruined from the ghd being used every day & I really think this would be worth it if it lasts. Any feedback appreciated, thanks ;o)
dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
Think it only works if your hair is very curly/frizzy. I was thinking of it for the kinks in my hair, but was told it'd be a waste of money.
kim222 Posts: 102
I know a girl who got it done here and was very happy. She doesnt have very frizzy hair, but it's not dead straight either, kind of kinky... and it worked and she loved it, although it is beginning to get kinky again and it's not 12 weeks, more like 6, but did last til then..
LJMom Posts: 1100
Thanks girls i never realised this and have been agonising on weather to get it done or not thanks ;o) ;o)
mackerlisa Posts: 1
[color=#4040BF:2kg52s5z][b:2kg52s5z]Hi Girls Anyone looking for the 12 week blow dry I offer a mobile service around the Dublin area. If there are more than 2 I will consider the trip further afield or you can come to me. All hair is 100 regardless of the length or thickness. Special offer until January 31st 2010 90 Euro for all. Offer ends January 31st. Call or text today - 085 7088288 - for an appointment or more information. The product I use is safe. Plenty of recomendations if you need them! Thanks, Lisa.[/b:2kg52s5z][/color:2kg52s5z]
makeupmagic Posts: 145
shellsbride2b Posts: 57
Did i hear the 12 week blowdry is gone?not available in Ireland anymore??? was speaking to my haidresser & she said the HSC banned it cos of all the formaldehyde in the product. Everyone of the companys arnt allowed to do it anymore...anyone else hear this??
jumpinjack Posts: 277
Yep Shellsbride I read the same thing. Have been some adverse effects, especially for those applying it ie the hairdressers themselves. Surely the product mentioned above by the pR girls is different? any comments girls? I've always been interested in this, but was turned off after hearing health warnings.