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Ice 2 Posts: 224
Girls, When can I start pregnancy yoga? I am 12 weeks tomorrow and wondering when is a safe time to start? Also, do I continue taking pregnacare (contains folic acid) throughout my pregnancy? Thanks :wv
mam2be Posts: 94
Hi Ice 2 I dont have an answer to your questions but just got excited as im 12 weeks tomorrow too :o)ll :o)ll Have you told everyone yet?
Momma2b Posts: 281
Hi ice2, I've been enquiring about this and have been told you need to be 14/15 weeks pregnant before you start it, but that may vary from place to place - hope that helps!
Painter2 Posts: 218
Hi, Yes you are supposed to be 15/16wks. I only started this week but its funny how it takes AGES to reach 12wks and then like a flash the weeks just start running by.
little smurf Posts: 1
Hi girls, I'm very new to this forum,but had to post that I'm 12 weeks tomorrow too, thought I'd never get here but its great :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I don't think your suppose to start yoga until at least 14/15 weeks. In relation to folic acid, there's mixed opinions on this. Some doctors/midwives say it's fine to take throughout pregnancy where as some of the latest studies have shown that the increase in childhood asthma can be directly related to pregnant women taking folic acid after 16 weeks. I found pregnacare made me sick/nauseas so stopped taking it at about 14 weeks.
Ice 2 Posts: 224
mam to be - congrats to you too. That is the first milestone! Are you on the October thread? I joined the November one as I thought I was nearer to that one. My tiredness has eased a bit which is great. We have told our families and I had to tell my boss during the week and will start to tell my mates over the next week or two - I'd prefer to see them in person, but its difficult to meet up with everyone. How about u? Winter b2b - thanks for that. i am taking pregnacare but it has been fine so far.
Ice 2 Posts: 224
congrats to you too little smurf in reaching the 12 week mark. I know we have a long way to go but it is great to be this far :wv
mam2be Posts: 94
Hi Ice 2, Im the same as you, still feeling a bit tired but can feel energy levels rising every week! We have told our families and i told my boss yesterday. Close friends know now too so think we will just be telling everyone else as we meet up with them. So exciting. Think I'll join the november one as i reckon id be closer to that too. :o)ll :o)ll Congratulations Little Smurf - hope all is going well with you :babydust:
mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
I had enquired at a yoga centre who said 14 weeks however the mid wife I met at clinic said to wait til 16 weeks until pregnancy is well established so for the sake of another couple of weeks going to wait - walking in the meantime so hoping it all helps