12 week scan @ Rotunda on tues - where to go & where to park

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lush11 Posts: 2877
I have my first scan on tues and not sure where to go when we get into the Rotunda. Do we go to reception and just follow the signs for the ante natal section? Also is ther parking in the Rotunda? I dont think there is but just incase anyone knows of anywhere handy to park around. We're going semi private and also jsut wondering do they assign the consultant straight away. Do you just get whatever midwife team that are working when you go into labour and if the consultant is available he goes to see ya. Do you pay for your scan straight up and claim it back from your medical insurance or what. Its so confusing
TwinkleToes76 Posts: 153
Hi Luska10, You can park in Ilac or Jury's hotel car park which is directly accross the road from the hospital. The semi private and private clinic is out at the back of the hosptial, plenty of signs so you wont get lost. I'm private so cant help you on how the it works with your consultant. The first day is the longest so expect to be in the hospital for 1.30 - 2 hrs as you see the midwife and consultant after. Good luck hope all goes well x
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Hey Lusk, Im SP in the rotunda, You can either park on street or in The Ilac Centre depending on if you want to do a bit of retail therapy afterwards. The SP clinic is out the back of the hospital so you are probably better off asking at the reception for directions, As for paying for the scan you need to have your €1200 booking fee with you and thats all you'll ever pay again if you have private health insurance, You dont pay for any other scans. In SP at The Rotunda you don't get a consultant as such you get a "team" of them so at any appointment you could see anyone of those, In saying that I have seen the same consultant each time ive had an appointment at the sp clinic. Good luck on tues :wv
lush11 Posts: 2877
Thanks girls. 1200 euro - god thats the first time ive heard of that but shur i'll see what happens on the day. They can give me the bill and i'll send it in through my health insurance.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
[quote="Lusk10":1068v7ct]Thanks girls. 1200 euro - god thats the first time ive heard of that but shur i'll see what happens on the day. They can give me the bill and i'll send it in through my health insurance.[/quote:1068v7ct] No lusk the insurance company doesnt cover that, what happens is you pay it on your 1st day (they wont see you unless you have it) they give you a receipt and when your health insurance is due for renewal (ours is April) you can send in the receipt but you will only get €300 back off them. So tbh if you cant afford it my advice would be to cancel your appointment and go public :wv
Rattles Posts: 201
Yeah its €1200 for SP and that is not covered by the health insurance. I was told to bring the fee on the day of my appointment along with my insurance cert and my doctors referal letter.
amberjack Posts: 1273
The Ilac is 2.00 per hour between 10 and 4.00 which is great value and you don't have to worry about feeding the meter as tbh, you don't know how long you'll be. The staff in the Rotunda are lovely, really nice and friendly. Good luck
lush11 Posts: 2877
No one said a thing about the 1200 euro but im almost sure my health insurance covers it. Still a bit confused over it. I know so many people who have had babies and they've never mentioned this 1200.
babyweight Posts: 148
listen to the girls they're right, you do have to pay the 1200 upfront, if you are unsure ring the hospital to confirm but also consult your insurer as they might not pay it all back, they will cover anything after the 1200 and refund you a portion of it. holles street you don't have to pay up front you can do in instalments.