12 weeks and absolutely NO symptoms

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Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I am abit worried (may be I should be just counting my blessings). I am 12 weeks pg tomorrow and I have absolutely no symptoms. No nauseaus, no weird taste in mouth, no tender boobs, no thrist, no dizziness, no adverse feeling towards food types, nothing. On last pg, I didn't have much morning sickness (thank god) but most evenings i felt nauseaus. there was along list of food that I couldn't even look at. I was dizzy alot. i was extremely thristy. I did have some of these symptoms up to 10 weeks, but very mild but nothing now. I had a full scan at 8 weeks and a miniscan at 10 weeks and there was a heartbeat so I even feel silly for worrying. But what if something has gone wrong. How would I know??????
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
unless you go to your gp and get him to see can he hear a heartbeat might be too early for that though but he should know by urine/blood tests if smething is wrong,,but personally i think just relax and count yourself as being very very lucky at 12 weeks i was living in the loo and lost about 7lbs...
theoracle Posts: 7664
All my pregnancies were like that - barely anything different (except at 12 weeks I felt uncomfortable in normal trousers, I felt everything was pressing on me) so I know where you are coming from with being insecure, but I would say in absence of any 'bad' signs like bleeds and a lot of painful cramping I would assume all is ok!
fifteensept Posts: 565
I was exactly like this on both on my PG at you stage I often though was I PG at all and hadnt movement untill about 24W but boy did they make up for it after that......count yourself very lucky some people suffer very badly. If you still feel the same just go to Dr they totally understand and you can listen to HB you might just have a very quite relaxed baby. best of luck with rest of your PG
pag Posts: 633
I felt exactly the same about this pregnancy and last week (at 16wks) got a private scan to make sure all was ok with baby. I just knew that nothing anyone said would make me feel reassured. I had had some nausea but no real sickness much earlier.Still no tummy and no weight gain (to speak of really 1lb up recently) and I was v worried things weren't right. Baby was perfectly happy and the correct size etc. Sonographer checked all organs too and all perfectly fine. I think in the absence of any physical signs that things aren't right, they are probably progressing perfectly.
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
I had no symptoms at all and was even second guessing if i was pregnant :o0 :o0 now i've 4 wks to go :o)ll :o)ll
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
I hate you all! :weep :weep Count yourself lucky my dear, and enjoy it. If you have had two scans already and everything is fine then id say just try to relax and relish in the fact you are feeling great! (b*tch! >:o) )
pinkerbelle10 Posts: 705
Hi Winter B2b - Im very similar. I have sore boobs but thats about it. bit tired and all that but any of that could be attributed to being busy anyway. Had scan at 6wks and saw heartbeat. Counting the days til I go back to doc at 12 weeks!
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
Between weeks 12-15 I didnt feel pregnant at all. I would wake up in the morning and have forgotten I was pregnant. I did have morning sickness though between 8-11 weeks. I have a few pals who didnt have any symptoms at all for their pregnancies.
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Oh my days I wish my pregnancy was like that, I'll be 23 weeks tomorrow and woke up gagging this morning, This fecking morning sickness is sapping the life out of me slowly but surely. :weep