12 Weeks and All over body itch

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married08 Posts: 226
I'm just wondering if anyone else has this. My sister was really itchy on her bump from about 7 months but i'm only just over 12 weeks and have been itchy all over for the last 2 weeks. I haven't changed any of my products or washing powders in months. Just thought someone might be able to shed some light on this for me, it's driving me mental!!!!!
lisa Posts: 1612
I used to be very itchy all over for the 1st 3 months but it passed. Although there is a condition that causes you to break out in a rash as well as itching. If its very severe you should see your gp. I know there has been a good few posts on this if you do a search. Hope it passes soon.
married08 Posts: 226
Thank you for the reply Lisa. I had my first scan yesterday and the mid wife took bloods after I told her about the itch, she's getting my liver function tested so waiting on the results of that. I don't have any rash just constant itching, hopefully it will pass. I'll defo do a search
lucy1 Posts: 109
HI there, I had this at 14 weeks- also had the blood tests etc but all negative. It passed after about two weeks, I just bought non-perfumed aqueous cream from chemist on advice from GP and lathered it on everywhere- am still using it and working well. Hope it passes for you soon!
theoracle Posts: 7664
If they are doing ;iver function tests than you should be covered, as the most serious condition you could have is cholestasis which you are beeing tested for, but other than that it is quite common to have itching in pregnancy (there are several benign conditions associated with that).