12lbs to go - help!!

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Dmissus Posts: 107
10 weeks and 12 lbs to go and I need some motivation!! I've already lost 16lbs since Feb by just going to the gym and cutting back a little, but I haven't been on a strict diet by any means. I haven't really lost any weight in the last month or so. I've really hit a plateau. :( Now for that last push I think I'm really going to have to get strict on myself and really loose that extra stone. Can anyone help?? Does anyone have any tips to motivate me!!!
AVENGER Posts: 4595
Cut out the carbs - no bread, pasta, rice sugar. Stick to lean protein, fresh fruit and steamed veg. Its tough but it really works for me.
River Posts: 845
Agree with Rome07. When I need a kick start I do the South Beach diet which is basically low carb. The weight falls off pretty quickly and then if you can be relatively good afterwards you should be able to maintain it. At the moment I'm having branflakes in the morning, soup or salad for lunch and a healthyish dinner. Lot's of veg and water. Try and cut down on the alcohol and a walk every day for about 30 minutes. This is working for me anyway (so far!). It sounds like you've done very well since Feb. Give the low carb thing a go and see if it gives you a kick start to get things moving again. Good luck ;)
Dmissus Posts: 107
Can I ask - do you follow the South Beach Diet strictly or is it just a case of no bread, pasta, rice, cakes, biscuits, etc - the usual yummy bad suspects?
catgirl Posts: 187
Does the south beach one really work and if so how quickly? As you can see I am down to 7 weeks to go and best case scenario want to loose another 12 worst case should get away with 7. I had my first fitting last week and they have to let the dress out across the hips, sooooo depressed not to mention embarrased. :oops: I am going back to weight watchers tonnight but am desperate for a little nit of magic!
River Posts: 845
For a week I would have grilled bacon, tomato, poached egg, mushrooms for breakfast. Coffee or tea and milk. Lunch is salad with chicken or tuna. Dinner is loads and loads of veg with chicken, pork chop or salmon. Fill up on the veg. I have the book and they give you a menu plan but I'm too lazy to bother so I just eat the above for 1-2 weeks. I lost a stone the first time I did it. Obviously I didn't keep it off because i started eating crap again. At the moment I'm doing a mixture of weight watchers and south beach. Give it a try for a week and see how you get on. I think anyone can stick it for a week. When you see the weight coming off it will keep you motivated. Don't forget to cut out the beer. I'm sticking to wine/bacardi and diet coke at the moment.
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
I did a version of the south beach/zone diet and I have to say its the diet I had the most success with. Also I didn't go hungry on it. For breaksfast I'd have an apple and WW yogurt or if I was off might have scrambled eggs and then for lunch I'd have chicken and veg (Work days I'd make the chicken the night before and heat it in the microwave with that steamfresh veg) and then for dinner I'd have chicken or salmon or whatever and veg again. Treats were fruit or nuts. Worked really well I lost a stone in just over a month..I'm starting Monday!!