13 month old with high in-step?

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Pinkly Posts: 1414
Brought DS to Clarks to get measured for shoes in December. She measured him & said he was too big for baby shoes as he has a high in-step (width of his feet) She said it might go down a bit when he starts walking but she'd only started working there so didn't know much about it. DS was also getting cranky as shop was v.busy and warm so we left. He's not walking yet but getting there so I'm just wondering if other mums were told this & did it ease when they started walking? If not where did you get shoes to fit them?
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Baby crazy I'm not really 100% sure but I know BIL's ds has a big and wide foot. He's younger than dd and is a full size and 2 width sizes bigger than dd. I know SIL had to do a fair bit of shopping around before she got a pair of pre crawlers for him. I think the start rite brand do a wider fit than the Clarks and they have a built in instep support so maybe have a look and see if you can find a stockist? I think Little Piggy's is where she got them but there must be other stockists!
Pinkly Posts: 1414
Thanks a mill bride 2be!! :thnk Will check out the start rite range.
Blackbird Posts: 5135
DS has wide feet (h) and a high instep too. I didn't get his first pair of shoes until he was walking (but it was summer) and I got him start rite pre-walkers, which are nice and soft. I went to an independent shoe shop locally but have since been to Little Piggy's and would really recommend them. I only brought DS to Clarks once and she only had one pair of shoes that would do him, whereas other shops seem to have a better selection of European brands. He still has a wide foot, he hasn't come down in width at all.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Start Rite are a wider fitting than clarks. If you look at they have a list of stockists in Ireland. Not sure where you are based but I've always brought DD to a shop in Lucan and I find them brilliant. They've been fitting kids for shoes for donkeys years and know what they are doing.
MrsK07 Posts: 454
Babycrazy, MY DS had a high instep when he was smaller. The only problems I found with this was if you were buying shoe with a velcro strap - you had to make sure the strap was long enough. If they weren't the velcro would pop open. I'd leave it another while until he was walking a good bit. It might hinder the walking as they have tendencies to trip over the shoes when they are on.
Pinkly Posts: 1414
Thanks girls :thnk I'll be leaving it for another while anyway so will check out start rite when we need them :thnk