13 Weeks PG getting married will i be showing??

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veryhappyveryhappy Posts: 151
Hi laydees.. i know everyone is different but we just found out yesterday that i am PG. 5 weeks today. We were trying as i went off the pill for feb but we thought it would take much longer!! Basically we're getting married in May and i'll be 13 weeks gone when we're getting married. Its my first child am 5' 4 and weight 8 stone 4 pound. Would anyone have an idea if i'll have a baby bump by then??? Thanks :o)ll
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Congrats hope you have a healthy and happy 9 months. As for bump everyone is different but i would say no you wouldnt really have a bump more of a roundness to your tummy . I wouldnt get your dress altered to small though tell dress maker to leave a bit of room !! :o0
newone Posts: 1714
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
It depends, I am 5'4 and a size 8 and I started showing at 8 weeks :eek I kid you not. I had strangers asking me when I was due :eek
Maybump Posts: 527
Everyone is different but I doubt you'll be showing at 13 weeks. At 20 weeks I was looking like I'd put on a few pounds and bump appeared at 24 weeks. [url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/] [img:1h8kuua2]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/1;18;96/st/20090426/dt/5/k/cf9a/preg.png[/img:1h8kuua2] [/url]
veryhappyveryhappy Posts: 151
oh my god really?? 8 weeks??... ok now im scared!!... anything at 5 weeks?? ha ha mayb i cud judge by that!!
red_rubies Posts: 2424
I know everyone is different but I'm the same weight/height as you & so far I reckon I could go unnoticed. However, while other people wouldn't notice, I can feel it in my clothes. My boobs have gone up a size (quite early on) & I've gone up a dress size I'd imagine in the last couple of weeks.
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i think the smaller you are, the more you show, like if you are really skinny, you'll show sooner. maybe i'm wrong though! i have a bit of flab anyway and i just look a little fatter around the belly at the moment rather than a bump. i'm too big now for my jeans, yet i haven't put on any weight. it's probably more bloating than anything else
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
Congratulations! I've had a more rotund tummy for the last 3 weeks and cant fit in my jeans now! Was formerly size 8-10. Boobs have only gotten a bit bigger in the last 2 weeks. Like the last poster said, bloating definately has someting to do with it, particularly towards evening time... Everyone is different but the fact that you are slim will probably mean that it will be a bit noticable. Once your dress isnt completely fitted it should be grand. Best of luck for your wedding and the future.
halloweenbride Posts: 283
Congrats!!I am 13 weeks pregnant now and although I definitely have put on a couple of pounds I am not showing a bump. I only got married 4 months ago and had really shaped up for it so I probably would have put on that few pounds anyway, having relaxed the exercise regime. However, I am 5ft 10 so my figure very different to yours. Hopefully you can get alterations if you need to...HTH :wv