Hi everyone, Its been a while since i have posted.. hoping there are still a few mammies still around. My youngest is now 15months and we are having the usual problems.. however i feel like this O:| with her more so than with my other two when they were that age.. I know with older siblings she has to fall in a lot and doesn't get the same time and attention. Many days she is taken from what she is doing to get to somewhere on time for the other 2.. I feel bad for her but don't know what else to do.. she is just tantruming at eeeeeverything and i am exhausted. She is extremely demanding.. If i put food on the table she constantly asks for something else.. particularly chocolate :duh: and when i say "after we eat", she wont touch her food and just screams through the meal.. ten minutes after we all leave the table she is reaching up to the table looking for food O:| O:| I always kept meal times with the other two, and we eat at the table, but she takes the biscuit.. When we go out then to bring the other two to school/playgroup/friends she ends up screaming coz she is hungry and i give her snacks to keep her quiet while i deal with the other two.. help! Then putting her into the buggy is a trial in itself..arches her back, screams, bawls, you name it. She won't be bribed with food there..Or her soother.. Then there is the playground.. she has noooo sense of fear whatsoever and scares me running off the minute she gets out of the buggy.. she looks back to check that im looking, laughs and runs and i have no option but to chase her, though im trying not to make it a game. I cant then keep my eye on the other 2 while watching her. If i hold her hand the whole time or use reigns or try keep her in the buggy she is screaming..and when she screams she does. not. relent. I said to my husband after yesterday, no more playground, but my other twos faces just fell and i feel horrible. She is big and strong for her age too which doesn't help.. feeling lost, any suggestions welcome.