15weeks to go-lost motivation and dreading photos

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keeper23 Posts: 46
Hi All, Just wanted a cathartic, let of steam moment. My motivation has just gone out the window in the last 2 weeks!!! I'm not just eating everything in sight - its going in so fast I'm literally inhaling it!!! I'm by far far far the biggest in my group of friends so I'm used to looking like the big girl in our photos and believe me I wasnt expecting miracles but I'm just so worried I'm going to look like a big fat girl whos trying to look like a bride!! Looking at everyones wedding reports and photos and everyone just looks so comfortable and RIGHT (know its a weird word to describe but you know what I mean). I've gotten to this stage twice allready in the past few monthes - people are beginning to notice the weight loss and then I start eating for Ireland and go back to square one again. Anyway I suppose I'll just have to get out on the road again. Sorry for the rant all O:|
Sposa Posts: 626
Poor Keeper Don't you worry pet. You will look great. Plus 15 weeks is loads of time to but it's not all about the eating as I'm sure you know. Exercise is so important. Are you doing anything at the mo? Why don't you join us on the running thread.
keeper23 Posts: 46
Hi Sposa, Thanks for the reply and the encouragment. I'm walking and going to the gym at the moment but I've fallen off the wagon excercise and food wise in the last 2 weeks. When I say fallen off the wagon I mean big style!! Anyway since I've had a good moan and had a good talking to myself I'm a bit better today. I'm the girl who expects miracles weight wise!! Thanks so much again Sposa :wv
zilla1 Posts: 5
oh my god i totally feel your pain!! i have 26wks to go and i have 2 stone to loose, i am also dreading the photos amd i am finding it so hard to get motivated, sitting munching on a pack of chewits as i am writing this!!! its so hard but we will get there :action32