16 weeks pregnant and feeling I'm leaking...

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JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
Kitz Its most likely pee !!! I am having the same issues - and also find that when I sneeze or cough I leak a bit - also when I do go to the loo and pee - there is a good bit of dribbling after the main flow if you know what I mean - so muscles just are not as tight as usual. Do get it checked if you are worried but hopefully its just pee !!! Showering twice a day at this stage ¬!!
bridey09 Posts: 263
I'm almost 16 weeks pregnant myself and i've had the same issue for the last 3 or so weeks. I've been told its perfectly normal and if its causing you embarrassment, uncomfort just stick a pad on. Hope this helps :wv
byrnen Posts: 115
heya huni dont be worrien at all that happened to me for nearly all of my pregnancy its actually quite horrible but nothing im consultant told me it was because of everything moving around in my tummy , muscles contracting ect, when i was around 8 months gone i had a huge gush when i rolled over in bed and i was soaked i tought it was my waters breaking but to my embarrasment the nurse told me it was wee and common, :-8 if it happened again i had to ...get this ''collect it'' in a jar and bring it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek anyhoo loads of weird things happen i wudnt tell u not to go to hosp coz im not a doc but believe me in a few weeks the nerves will settle down and you will get used to all the weird little things, i must have went into the hosp a dozen times and i tought they would give out to me but i dint care once i had peace of mind xxxxxxxxx
naughty nuptials Posts: 517
I had the same - "floods" of wetness - but I think it was just discharge, and my gynae (and my pregnancy book) said that's pretty normal. Also, make sure you start your pelvic floor exercises as they can prevent accidental weeing if that's a problem. Without wanting to freak you out, I did read a story about a woman who started leaking amniotic fluid at 18 weeks, so it's probably worth mentioning it to your midwife next time, but I understand this is very rare and unlikely and not necessarily dangerous, NN xxx
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
Kitz I could have written your post word for word last Thursday. I panicked and thought it might be my waters leaking. I phoned Holles Street and got chatting to a lovely midwife, she told me to come in to get checked. I went in and after an hour of waiting a midwife saw me and took blood pressure and got me to pee into a cup, she also gave me a second cup and said when I'd finished peeing to give a few big coughs and try and catch whatever came out too then. I was then seen by a doctor, she did a scan and saw baby kicking away and loads of amniotic fluid around him/her, then she did an internal and said if there was any waters leaking she'd see them around my cervix but she saw absolutely nothing. On the scan she was showing me how close my bladder is to the wall of my uterus, and because of the way baby was lying at the time she said there's every chance baby kicked the urine out of me. If you're worried absolutely go and get checked for the peace of mind. Oh and another thing, I know this is gross but smell your pants when they're damp...urine smells like urine but waters apparently have a sweet smell to them.
Excitedwife Posts: 1186
I had this problem too and rang Holles Street one night in a panic. The nice midwife said it sounded fine but just keep an eye on it. It stopped the next day. It can be scary though, if it had been a huge amount though I would have been straight in. :wv
samcro Posts: 738
Ah jesus more stuff to look forward to :o0 Does this go back to normal after???
FoundHome Posts: 1753
I had this a bit in the beginning especially when coughing/sneezing etc. I mentioned this to the physio at my first antenatal class (at 20w) and she showed us a number of Kegel and abdominal exercises to strenghten the area. I've seen a definite improvement, though I don't remember to do them as often as I should