16weeks too long for bloods?

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loveheart Posts: 686
Hi Girls. I'm 13wks pregnant and from looking through posts some people seem to have got bloods done really early. I have been to my doctor twice (once for confirmation and second time at 12weeks for check-up, blood pressure and urine sample). My next appointment is with Holles Street semi-private at 16wks and I presume they will do bloods then. Did anyone else have to wait this long for bloods? Should I be going back to doctor and asking to have them done? Really worried now that I have left it far too long . . .
Aurge Posts: 1456
Hi loveheart. Im not getting my bloods done till 25 wks. When I went back to doc at 11wks I thought I was getting them done then, as thats what a sub doc had told me. He obviously made a mistake. 16 wks is fine, its normally between 18 and 22 wks now that people are getting their app's for. Thats why I dont feel too bad about mine. Correct me if Im wrong here !! :wv
loveheart Posts: 686
Cheers Aurge! Good to know I'm in the same boat as you!
red_rubies Posts: 2424
Didn't get my bloods done til I was 15 weeks so wouldn't worry about it! :wv