17th September

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Sassy Posts: 2269
Hi girls Just wondering are there anybody getting married the same day as me. The 17th September 2005. If there is how are your arrangements going?
elfen Posts: 244
Sassy, I'm the 10th Sept. Things are going well, although I do get some fits of panic. Still have to organise , Shoes ( mine and 3xBM) Jewelery Flowers Favours Suits (send inv/pick menus/meet priest/pick music) What about you? Elfen
Maxi-Babe Posts: 327
Hi Girls I'm getting married on the 15th September. We still have to...... Get our letters of freedom Sort out a bus for our guests Print up our invitations Design and print the mass booklets I've no doubt forgotten something though :roll: M
sept 05 Posts: 161
Im getting married abroad but having big party in Dublin on 17th Sept, what hotel are you having your reception. At the moment im organising the legal stuff, after that ive to just to go on a major shopping trip to get shoes, underwear, jewelry etc for myself and the BM and gifts etc for best man, how are you getting on?
Halfpint Posts: 123
Hi i'm getting married on 21st Sept Still have booklets to make Cake to organise Photographer to book Chuch Music to arrange Wedding Shoes and accessories to buy Gifts for Bmaids Im sure there is more that i have forgotten about But getting there !!!! :D
mrsh Posts: 73
I'm getting married that day. In Dublin in the Harbourmaster. Have been recently trying to get definite about the guest list and are thinking about invite design. are we on target?
Sassy Posts: 2269
hi girls We're having our reception in the Liffey Valley House Hotel in Leixlip. I'm a northside girl but didn't want a big wedding and found alot of hotels wanted a min of 120-150 guests. We are having 100 and that big to me. I have quite alot done though. Just need to organise The church music The invatitions My tiara The groomsmen presents Table arrangement (both people and flowers) My hair (getting a hair piece) Just got the final arrangements for our honeymoon sent out yesterday and looking at it i just can't wait.