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draiocht Posts: 483
Im going to sound like an aul one here, but i was in Michael Guineys on talbot st yesterday :o0 i was picking up moses basket sheets- 3 for a fiver!! and they have gro bag/ sleeping bags, i had my dd with me who is 3 and she would defo fit into the ones i saw, didnt check the size but she is only just out of using them so i would know by looking, they had pink and nuetral.
mrswed Posts: 141
Wedjuly05, that's no problem at all. Hope your DD gets a wear out it. Thanks for the offer. Draiocht, I saw them before in Guineys and of course never picked one up. There is a Guineys near me but I might not get to it for a few days. I tried ringing this store but couldn't get through. I will try again.
coraline Posts: 925
TK Maxx have the big size Slumbersacs.