18 weeks - finding it hard to eat

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Mrsreddy Posts: 472
well i'm 18 weeks pg and for the past while finding it hard to eat. i've added up the food over the past few days and its really a small amount!! then when i started to think back i haven't been able to eat a dinner in weeks!!!! most days cant eat dinner and just trying to have to odd sandwhich and yogurt here and there with toast for breakfast. The odd day i manange some cereal with juice. i've only gained 2 pounds or so since the start of my pregnancy and i'm 5'7 and weighed 10 stone to start with. Does anyone have any tips for eating more? i cant stomach much water either so try to drink juice if i cant drink the water this is pg no 2 for me and i didn't have this problem at all on pg no 1 as i gained 2 stone on that pg and loved all the eating!!! i'm trying to keep taking pregnacare vitamins but they make me feel even sicker so can only take them every other day :-( help dont know what to do!! thanks
pag Posts: 633
Ah Mrsreddy you poor thing! I'm similar and have been stressing about my weight gain recently (30wks and still only half stone up). Dh has been so worried. However I just eat whAt I can and feel like - even if that is just brown bread & cheese or rice krispies for dinner! If I'm v honest I have had v few dinners especially ones I've had to make myself. I'd guess you can't stomach the multivitamin if you aren't eating much - that's what happened to me anyway. Ander I try to eat small amounts and often- I prob eat every two hours from getting to work ( some fruit at 7.30, plain oats at 10, yogurt at 1ish, fruit at 3, then toast/bread for dinner) seriously lacking in vits but it's all I can cope with most days. I do have days when I eat normally but get awful indigestion and heartburn so usually stick to my little portions. Hope you find some foods you can stomach soon. Remember baby will take nutrients first and you will get remainder.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I agree with pag - just eat what you can! I'm back to being very sick after a break of just one week :o( but consultant reassured me that baby will take what it needs from you no matter what!
happy mummy Posts: 424
Definitely agree with pag! I was really ill until about 18 ish weeks, lost a stone and a half and I really couldn't afford to lose weight in the first place! I'm still not back to my pre pregnancy weight but they sent me for a growth scan recently and babs is only measuring a teeny bit smaller than they should be for my dates! I was taking the Pregnacare at the start as well and just had to stop completely, they absolutely turned my stomach! I'm on Galfer FA now and even though I've heard this can go against some people and I was anticipating the nausea to kick in again but they are great IMO. I'm perfect taking them, not nauseated, got more energy, not constipated like most would be taking iron supplements. My GP said that I don't need to take anything else once I can seem to get in enough decent food into my diet. Another tip she gave me recently was to add seeds, like sesame, pumpkin, sunflower etc, to your foods - cereals, yoghurt, even just eating a handful of them here and there. You're adding extra calories to your diet and the extra nutrients are great for babs. I started this about 2 weeks ago and I've already noticed an increase in my bump size and in my weight! As for your fluid intake, I can't stomach still water since I was sick! I drink sparkling water with the tiniest dash of orange squash to give it a bit of taste. Works a treat for me!!
oldwife Posts: 170
I can sympathise as I was the same till about 23 weeks, still not great at 31 weeks. I couldn't take pregnacare but found pregnaplan for morning sickness in boots and I can take that. I am still eating no veg & no fruit and my consultant has assured me not to worry, to eat what I can but I would want to be seriously malnourished for it to affect the baby. I hope you start feeling better soon.