1st anniversary gift for Husband

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daisy chains Posts: 235
Hi all, Looking for ideas for my husband for our first anniversary, I know paper is the theme but what can I get that is paper? I am not looking to spend a lot but want something really different and unique and sentimental! Any ideas?
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
I heard recently of a friend (very organised person) who made sure she bought the paper on her wedding day so that she could frame it and give it to her hubby for their first anniversary. You may be able to order the paper from your wedding date from somewhere? I'm sure if you contact the paper they might have a backissue ordering facility... I bought OH a Ryanair flight to go and see his friend in England so obviously the ticket part was the 'paper' bit. this site might have something? ... s-for-him/ Best of luck...
McLisa Posts: 1815
Have been thinking about this too and I'm clueless! Don't have an awful lot to spend as hubby has just started his own business so for the minute we're down to one wage. We're going back to Spain where we got married for our first anniversary but still would like something papery to mark the occasion!
Penny Hill Posts: 1898
If you want to go the paper route what about a painting?! Or a picture. Tickets to something enjoy celebrating.
mshelly Posts: 746
Concert tickets, expecially if it is something that you want to go to as well :o0
lindsgal11 Posts: 23
You can print out picture book, starting from when you first started dating until your wedding and even include a few from the past year. Simple and sweet!
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2013Sunshine Posts: 141
Would your hubby be into comic books or would have been by any chance? I was looking at getting hubby to be a personalised comic book cover which they frame. It's pretty cool and you can input their picture into it - and would double up as the paper route :wv There is one called
shoveover Posts: 480
A friend of mine got a caricature drawing of herself and hubby on their wedding day as their first anniversary present. It's really cool
cindymydayregistry Posts: 2
An awesome first anniversary gift that is unique and sentimental but still budget friendly would be dedicating a day to him using MyDayRegistry :)
neilalvin Posts: 8
I suggest a wedding album, if you guys still don't have one. Check out their Zookbinders albums