1st antenatal clinic appointment in CUMH

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Mrs sensible Posts: 40
Hi all, Quick question, I am attending my first antenatal clinic appointment on Thursday and I was wondering if DH/partner attend with you or is there any need?
roxylady Posts: 69
Hi Mrs Sensible :wv My hubby came with me for all of my consultant appointments, now there was one or two where he couldnt, but the majority he was there by my side. Who is your consultant?
Mrs sensible Posts: 40
Thanks for your reply foxylady. I am going public so all I know so far is that I'm Team Thursday!! DH has started a new job and was worried about asking for the time off but I think I would prefer him to be there with me especially for the first clinic. Thanks again for your answer. :)
roxylady Posts: 69
Hi again! :wv Ah I understand, just talking to my friend there and she said that there is a mixture. Some women go with their hubbys, others with their sisters/ mums, some go with their friends, for support if anything I suppose. I know there was a ban on partners for a while, but I think this has been lifted now. Hope this helps. Best of luck with everything anyway,
Mrslovealot Posts: 656
OMG Mrs Sensible - my first appointment is Thursday too!!!! I'm also going public and my scan is at 14.40 and meeting the midwife at 15.00 - what time is your appointment out of interest? Just wondering are they assigning specific times or are they plonking us all together for a nice three hour wait? Edited to say...DH is coming with me
mtv Posts: 935
scans go like clockwork if everybody turns up at the assigned time. apt for consulatant requires await in the mornings anyway. on average i have been waiting 2 hours. i am not sure if its the same system in the evening.