Hi, in case it helps anyone I just wanted to say that I had my first hospital app this wk in UCHG. I am going public and had my app at 18 wks. I had app at 9.30 and was out of hospital at 11.30. I registered at reception, had scan, got weighed and got height and BP taken, met midwife who updated my details on the system and got to ask her plenty of questions (use this opportunity to ask q's as it was the only opportunity I got). Met the consultant also but only for a few mins as TG I am healthy and there are no complications so there wasn't much he could say or that I could ask. All in all I found the whole experience very pleasant as it was well run and all the staff I met from receptionists, midwives, sonographer and consultant were so nice and friendly and helpful and many of them congratulated us.