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Beaubelle Posts: 741
Hi everyone.. I have my 1st consultant visit on friday, and was just wondering about the following: 1) Do I need to bring a urine sample? 2) Do I go to the same outpatients place as I went to for my first midwife appt? If not, where do I go?! 3) I have heard that you get a mini scan on a portable machine... Do you get a print out of this? 4) Also... Don't really know what to expect... Am I meant to have a list of questions for the consultant?... Not sure even what to ask. 5) Anybody have Dr. Jerome?... And if so, what is he/she like? Thanks! :thnk
fifi28 Posts: 481
hi beaubelle, yes bring a urine sample the midwife will check your urine n blood pressure etc before you see the consultant. ya dont go to the same place ya go to the semi private clinic its upstairs now theres a sign for it when you get to d stairs. most cons will scan you on the smaller machine i never got a print out at cons visits but if you ask im sure they would the picture is nothing like what you get at your big scan still nice to see babs though. if you havnt got your blood results yet from your check in appointment no harm to ask about them. hth :wv
mrs.july Posts: 3167
Hi Beaubelle-my appts are Fridays too!!! Not really sure who the main consultant is-there is a team although I've been seen by 2 doctors altogether-I've been seen by the same one nearly every time but don't know her name-she is lovely though. Clinic is upstairs, turn left and left just after lifts. Bring a sample if you can but they have cups (they give it to you to keep and re-use) but there's only one loo. Yes they do a mini scan on machine but you don't get print outs-(although I didn't get 20 week anomaly scan so asked for a print out at 28 week visit and she v. kindly gave me one-quality is awful compared to dating scan though!!!). Be prepared-scans are really quick-just to check heartbeat (although i think the first cons scan was a bit longer-can't remember now!!) Visit can be very quick if you dont have any questions-I asked questinos about blood (am RH neg) and back problems, moles etc-anything that is worrying you really. Haven't talked about my birth plan yet-will do this on Friday hopefully. HTH-any other questions fire away!!
Beaubelle Posts: 741
Thanks very much Fifi and Mrs. July... It's good to know what I can expect! :thnk :thnk