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hafria Posts: 23
Any good ideas for a song for the "first dance"....something a bit different.
mairetreasa90 Posts: 37
We are having Taking you home by Don Henley ( theme music to ER_) Lyrics are lovely.
mb Posts: 207
We're having 'The Voyage' by Christy Moore. Its not your average first dance song but I think its a lovely message. "When we started the voyage it was just me and you. Now gathered round us, we have our own crew."
nov2005wed Posts: 72
Hi MB We are planning on having The voyage too!! But thinking about changin lyrics!!! We have our own crew..... take that to mean we have our own kids ... which we don't!! How are you going to dance to it?
mb Posts: 207
We haven't kids either. I'd like to think that our "crew" would be all our family and friends that will be there with us. As for the dancing bit, I'm not too sure. We're concidering a couple of dancing lessons before the big day, so we'll probably ask for advise on that song.
MrsEd Posts: 66
We had stuck on you by Lionel Richie. It was great and really easy to dance to. At one point my Hubby turned me and everyone loved it.
birdielips Posts: 342
We had absolute beginners by Bowie - Our bands version was funny but dj played the proper version later so we had 2 'first' dances!!!
Dippy Posts: 63
december Posts: 1141
Do you have a movie you went to for an early or extra special date? My sister went to see Top Gun with her boyfriend, and 15 years later at the reception, he said that she still took his breath away. When the DJ played it later (a surprise to everybody) there was a collective gulp in the room - they actually had their first dance to Moondance by Van Morrison, a bit lovely, but romantic!
Bulmers Posts: 1281
My friend and her husband had the Voyage too - it was really nice. I asked her later what significance that song had for her and she went red and giggled. :)