1st Doc Visit - is it necessary

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capricorn04 Posts: 527
Hey Wollies, I know this has been covered before, but can't find it..... Can i ask the point of the visit, on my last pregnancy, he asked had I done a test, I replied several!!! LOL Then took my blood pressure.... Wrote a letter for the domino scheme - and thanks very much thats €55 Now I far as I can see, could i not just ring my surgery and ask them to write the referall, afterall I will be the one booking myself into domino scheme & hollis street Oh and I asked him at the time to do my bloods as I was concerned over history of thyroidism - he said to wait as it would all be done at domino clinc - turns out never quite got there.... :( Opinions please,
stephnyc Posts: 414
oh i wouldnt bother at all! I thought it was a complete waste of money. You dont even need the referal letter, just ring up holles st & away you go! congrats on your BFP btw! :o)ll
Mari yay Posts: 4045
You're not supposed to get charged for natal care visits to the GP.
stephnyc Posts: 414
thats true, once you've signed up to the shared care.. which only happened AFTER my first visit to the docs to confirm the pregnancy.. this is my 2nd pregnancy and i'm with a different doc, and both times I was charged to confirm the pregnancy and then asked to complete the forms.. no doubt different docs have different policies, but ive never had a doc do anything except the urine test (and maybe blood pressure) at that first appt
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I was charged for my first visit - I did need a referral letter so I got that and he checked BP, urine etc - my booking appointment wasn't until 13-14 weeks so I suppose it was good to get urine checked! But is is absolutely necessary, probably not!
barneyrubble Posts: 252
You're not supposed to pay for your inital visit to the doc http://www.hse.ie/eng/services/Find_a_S ... dcare.html
capricorn04 Posts: 527
Hey Thanks all for the replies, I've booked with Hollis, & waiting for some from Domino to ring me back -I'll see what the story is then.... If they require a referral from the doc I'll ring and ask for a letter to be done Can I ask was the urine test done just to confirm pregnancy again?? As I said my Doc didn't do it last time, so doubt he will this time....