1st Doctors Appointment - what to ask

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Jeidi Posts: 3128
Hi all, I just got my BFP the weekend so am roughly 4 weeks pregnant - have a doctors appoitment to confirm on Wednesday morning. What do I need to ask/make sure I know. Already I have: 1. lists of food not to eat 2. OK to fly - have a hol booked when I'll be 9 weeks 3. Due date :o0 4. Do I need a referral to a consultant or do I ring up and book that myself? Any other suggestions would be great, thanks!
alton Posts: 3077
Ask the doctor to explain the different care options to you - private/ public/ semi-private and combined care/ domino etc. The doctor may have strong views on one option or another but remember it's only an opinion, at this point you are looking for information. But you will need to make a decision fairly soon. As far as I know, it is up to you to book the consultant. Find out if your doctor has links with any of the maternity hospitals which might influence your decision on where to go. Also the doctor may have experience with particular consultants and drop a hint on who to avoid. The doctor will probably take your blood pressure, weight, and check your urine. Don't be afraid to ask for the details for your own records and to ask what they mean. If you've been going to this GP for a long time s/he may have records of your vaccinations and can check that your immunity is up to date. If you are taking any multi vitamins or medications discuss them with your doctor. Also ask about any over the counter remedies that you might routinely take for headaches/ colds and flus etc and find out if they are ok to take. If you want you can split your pre-natal visits between the GP and the hospital and I think you will need a form from the doctor for this. No harm to get it now even if you change your mind later. I think a certain number of GP visits are free but again there is paperwork involved so you might want to ask about this. If you have any health concerns - weight/ smoking/ etc that the doctor might be able to help with, bring them up now. It sounds like an awful lot!! Generally you won't need to see another medical professional until your 12 week appointment (which in this country might be at week 16 or 17!) so try and get all the questions out of the way now! Obviously there is no law that stops you popping back to your GP at any time. Hope that helps. Best of luck! And congratulations :o)ll
Jeidi Posts: 3128
thanks for all that info...