1st ever scan tomorrow what should I expect???

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Lauri Posts: 195
Hi ladies, Need some tips my husband and I are going for our babys first scan tomorrow as we are new to all of this what should we expect I know about the Liter of water i must drink and I have a copy of my blood results thats it!!! Im 11 weeks and we are very excited so would love any advice :o)ll
theoracle Posts: 7664
Well there isn't much to know besides, in terms of preparation. Usually they do an abdominal scan, plonk some gel on and of they go. Usually you will be able to see the heartbeat and they will check the spine is forming correctly and take measurements to estimate your delivery date (this date may be different to the date calculated by the 1st day of your last AF). You usually get a couple of pics to take with you. You might be able to see less, or more, depending on how accurate your dates are. HTH.
Lauri Posts: 195
Hi theoracle, Thanks for that its just nice to know what is going on before you go in!!! just about to go now very excited and nervous thank you again :o)ll
almighty angel Posts: 281
Hope it went well for you :)
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Hope your scan went well! We had an early dating scan this morning - got later EDD than what doc initially gave but was expecting this! Saw the sac, the bean & the beans heart beat :lvs :lvs :lvs
Lauri Posts: 195
Hi girls Yes the scan went really well all is going good so far :xox i have to say it was amazing to see the baby the heart beat it really does change things all for the better of course!! Congrats to you too xXx :stork: