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lindy Posts: 1135
Hi girls i got my date for section im due 6th of march and there bringing me in the 1st of march 7:30 in the morning,im really looking forward to meeting babs and it will fly in , worried sick one min and happy the next so im trying not to think of the section. Anyone here had elective section ... If im booked into my ward by 7:30 and fasting from night before what time do they bring you down for the section?will i be waiting long? Im getting the spinal block too , heard it better than epidural and recovery too,how did you find the recovery...
missybride Posts: 304
hi lindy sorry ive no answer to any of ur questions, but didnt want to read n not post my congrats :) looks like ur still going to be a march mummy n one of the 1st! :) its nice to have a date to work to, im due 10th but sure that could be right up til 24th! lol and prob will be knowing my luck. good luck, hope the next few weeks fly by :) xx
lindy Posts: 1135
Aw thanks missybride, and i wish you all the best too,its all so exciting now coming near the end . :o)ll :o)ll
OAT Posts: 2207
Hi Lindy i also unfortunately do not have any answers to your questions just wanted to wish you luck and was also wondering for what reasons you are having an elective c-section? I had a very dramtic labour with DS who was left badly bruised and just wondering if I have a valid enough reason to ask for a section???
lindy Posts: 1135
Hi OAT Im having big baby and im not built to bring into the world natural had a stressful and very dramatic labour my DD got stuck and i had to be rushed for emergency c section and on my DS i was in labout and nothing was happening he wasnt able to get true at all so rushed off for emergency c section again on this baby i had no choice was told elective c section. Hope your ok, and yours goes that bit easier this time round for you x.
OAT Posts: 2207
Thanks Lindy, and best of luck again xx