1st pregnancy after m/c, would you fly?

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cherries Posts: 68
I had a m/c last august and am now 5+ weeks pregnant. my gp says its ok to fly but i do know of people who have been advised not to fly in 1st trimester. what do ye think? has anyone discussed this with their consultant?
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
This is a tough one. I am 12 weeks since yesterday and this is my second pregnancy, had m/c end of March. I found out I was pregnant weekend before we were to go on holiday. I asked gp and she said I was fine to fly. Told me if I did start bleeding to go to hospital and they would help me. I did get brown discharge about 4 days before we were due home and it freaked me out. (my flight was only 2 hours) it was lasted about 5 days in total I think it was. Got lighter as the days went on. I did have small bleed (once off only when I wiped) at 8 weeks also. I got scanned at 8 weeks and everything was fine. That is my experience and I suppose I can't answer your question for you. I don't plan on flying again throughout this pregnancy. I really don't want to take any chances. Is it a long or short flight? I hope this helped in some way.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
PS: congrats on your pregnancy. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
cherries Posts: 68
Thanks LMS for replying. Its a 12 hour flight i think. I guess i would be terrified if i had any spotting after flying and if anything happened, i would always wonder. I feel really bad though, will be letting a few people down badly by not going. DH does not want me to go so I should respect his wishes aswell
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Same here, I found out of was pregnant two days before my flight and I rang the doc in a panic, she told me that it WAS safe to fly and THANK GOD everything did go fine for me. However once I got off the plane and home I was happy (was six weeks then) and said even if I got a free holiday to the moon I wouldn't fly again. It is perfectly safe to fly but with having a M/C before I just didn't want ANYTHING to happen this time around. So I'll be in Ireland now until bab is born (Please God) am going away on a short break at the weekend and have to say I am looking forward to it even if the weather is crap!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
My GP did say to me short flights are fine. She said the worry with long flights in clots etc: (deep vein thrombosis) I think is what she meant. If your GP said it's ok then I am sure it is. IS there a gyne you could ask? Do the people your flying with know your pregnant? Might help if they do? How far gone will you be when you fly? I know DH doesn't want me to fly again this pregnancy.
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
As the others have said only you can decide what is right for you. I took a couple of long haul flights in very early pregnancy myself and was pretty concerned, although I haven't had previous m/c like yourself. I followed all the advise on reducing any risks, drink lots and lots of water, wear flight socks and walk around as much as possible. I read around lots about flying, even though I was reassured by doctors that it was ok, and from what I found the general concensus is there doesn't seem to be any increased risk, unless you're having a high risk pregnancy. Then again, how they can determine whether you're high risk or not in very early pregnancy escapes me. Don't know if any of this is any help, but seeing as your hubbie doesn't want you to fly, I'm guessing your decision is already made. Don't worry too much about letting others down, they'll understand.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
This is a tough one and a month ago my answer to you a month ago would have been different. All I can do is tell you my experience. Had a m/c in May and went to Lanzarate (4 hours) at 7 weeks. GP said it wouldn't be a problem. The day after I landed I started bleeding and it lastest on and off for the whole two weeks - it was a complete nightmare and I cursed myself for being so stupid in flying. If I had a friend that was thinking of flying while PG I would tell them not to. There is no scientific evidence to say no to - only I know from what happened to me I will never fly when pregnant again. After saying that, am back a week and everything is fine now.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I have had a m/c last Xmas, am now PG again and have flown 3 times since finding out (at 4, 5 and 6 weeks). I have also frequently flown in my first pregnancy with my DD, with no problem (most of my family are abroad). If you have a normal, healthy pregnancy, there should be no problem with flying, however considering the length of the flight and the fact that you would be very anxious about it, it is possibly better to give it a miss in your situation, because the stress and the worry would certainly not do you much good and if you do not feel comfortable with the thought of doing it than do not feel pressurised to do it.
cherries Posts: 68
Hi Girls and thanks for all your replies. I don't think I'll go, as sleep monster said, how does anyone know if they are high risk? Also, the stress and worry would probably ruin the holiday. Am looking forward to this baby so much, sometimes i just can't believe i'm blessed with being pregnant.