1st pregnancy and would love some feedback

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Gembob Posts: 36
Hey guys. So im nearly 15weeks preg with first baby. I'v had 2 scans and all seems good (fingers crossed). myself and hubbie are thrilled but totally terrified! We still cant get our heads round the fact that we're actually expecting. There seems so much to do but we dont know where to start or when. Only 1 of my close friends has kids and shez baby obsessed. keeps telling me we need to start looking at buggies, steralizers etc. and start buying clothes and nappies etc if seen on sale. It seems just way too soon. I kinda think thers plenty of time to wait til im about 20wks. I dont know if im being too laid back or is my friend very over organized. advice/opinions would be great ps.. Is it normal to feel so shocked and terrified even though preg was planned? Thanks in advance!!
Anfieldbabe8 Posts: 116
Totally normal to be shocked & terrified, I was exactly the same & our lo was planned too. I was like you, waited til 20 wk scan before looking at or buying anything. I still had plenty of time & we didn't order big stuff til about 8 weeks before baby was due. Best of luck with the pregnancy & go by your own timetable & when you feel comfortable doing things.
peanut14 Posts: 71
Congratulations. It is normal to feel shocked, a lot of thoughts run through your mind but Mother Nature is kind allowing you 9 months to get used to the idea. Do everything at your own pace. Everybody is different, my friend had a nusurery decorated by 5 months whereas we didn't start to get organised until I was 7 months pregnant. The buggy was bought in a sale when I was 8 months. Take your time and don't feel pressured to go out buying things now. It's your pregnancy, do things when they feel right.
mamime Posts: 791
Agree with above. I am now 17 weeks and this is baby no.3. I am excited with 2 already behind me, but still have my worries.. I have a lot from my other 2, but need to root it all down from the attic which is just the same amount of work as going to the shops if not more coz everything needs a wash! Haven't even thought about doing it until at least christmas so don't rush! On my first, i did have the buggy, cot, baby bath and some clothes sorted, but it was only when dd got here that i saw what i truly needed and i got OH to go pick stuff up. Also, just a thought.. you are due after christmas.. my plan is to wait for buying things until after christmas to avail of the january sales. Use that as an excuse if you don't feel ready. You may surprise yourself anyway when you are out in the shops in the coming weeks and you may see a bed set or an outfit and start to just pick up stuff that way. Tbh i think its the maddest way to shop though coz you end up with tonnes of stuff you don't need!!! I'm all for a checklist and doing it in one go :) Enjoy and have fun anyway whatever you do, don't let anyone stress you.