1st scan today what to expect

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charliesangel Posts: 2106
hi girls i have my 1st scan today private one as were very unsure about the dates what do i need to do do i need a full bladder????? do i need to answer questions???/ im so nervous/happy
strangeangel Posts: 1269
Congrats charliesangel and best of luck today! As you're unsure of dates, they will probably try an external scan first. Most places recommend going with a full bladder for this, but when I had my first scan at almost 8 weeks, I wasn't bursting (though I had drunk a glass of water beforehand) and we could see everything right away, with no searching :) In case you are earlier than that, they may need to do an internal scan - don't be worried about this as I've had 2 and they are not at all uncomfortable. For those you'll be asked to empty your bladder first. HTH!