1st SP consultant appointment Coombe tomorrow

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FoundHome Posts: 1753
I have my first SP consultant appointment at the Coombe tomorrow and I was wondering what should I expect? I'm seeing Dr Martins team. - Couldn't get through to the desk so do I need to pick up my file from the downstairs check in area or do I go straight to the SP clinic? - Do they have a mini-scanner or doppler? - Average waiting times? - I assume I need a urine sample - Do they do any further blood tests? Thanks!
beezer Posts: 132
Hi FoundHome, I hope I'm not too late with info... I had my 1st SP app in Coombe yesterday. Time was 1.45 but I missed 1st call as I was in bathroom getting urine sample! You get your file from SP reception upstairs then go into waiting room. The girls call you in to check urine and blood pressure. Then you wait again until doc/consultant calls you. I had Dr Murphy. She said she tries to see people on their 1st visit but prob won't see her every visit. She didn't say much really, just answered my few questions and then she did mini scan. Baby is getting big! You go back to reception and make next appointment but keep your file. Good luck today. :o0
FoundHome Posts: 1753
Thanks so much breezer! Thats perfect info. My appointment is at 2pm today - can't wait. Glad everything went so well for you yesterday.