1st spoon feed and sick after it???? do i stop

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charliesangel Posts: 2106
gave my dd her first spoon feed of hipp baby rice this morning gave 3 little spoons didnt seem to like it but then when i went to give 4th little spoon she vomited everywhere is this normal the phn suggested i wean at this stage as baby is not great on talking milk so do i stop now and keep battleing to get milk into her or try a diffeerent rice with a flavour in it????
3littlemen Posts: 999
Does she normally get sick after her bottle as my lads had really bad reflux and wind so they would bring back up a lot of their bottles and food in the beginning? It might be that she just had some wind and got sick when she burped that sometimes can happen too. I wouldn't give up just yet maybe try a veg or fruit next time. You can puree carrot or pear and add some milk into them to thin down. My lads didn't take to baby rice so after the first attempt I tried pear and that went down much better. I don't think there's much difference between different brands of baby rice so rather than switching brands try something else. I used up the pack of rice later by adding it to pureed pear and mango to thicken it up and it went down fine. Food at 4 months is more for getting used to different tastes rather than for nutrition so I would still try and get her to take more formula than food. It's hard work I know my DS1 went off his bottles around 4 months too and got worse once I weaned him but it was a lot to do with teething. I don't think they will starve themselves so just stick with her and she'll take more when she's able.
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
I would give up tbh. I know lots and lots and lots of people on here wean at the early stages e.g. 4/5 months and I don't believe there's any harm in it whatsoever.. BUT I stuck it out until 23 weeks and 4 weeks later I've had some time to think about it and I am so glad I waited. Like your baby, mine was poor on milk intake and his weight gain wasn't fantastic tbh. I was really torn about weaning - dh has allergies so I wanted to wait but then he wasn't gaining well on milk so I wanted to start - but apart from a few spoonfuls of pear I tried at about 20 weeks that he wasn't too gone on, I held out until Baby B started reaching out for foods when we were eating. I have found it SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier when your LO has head control and you can give some finger foods too. We give finger foods at every meal and some spoons and he is loving food and willing to try absolutely everything - as he's six months we don't have to worry so much about allergies so he can try most foods and I didn't have to follow any faffy schedule of introducing some foods first etc etc, you can give real wheat/porridge so I never had to buy any baby rice etc. Today for example, he had a bowl of porridge with some mashed banana in for breakfast and sticks of asparagus, mangetout and some cheesy omelette for lunch/dinner, as well as one naughty bit of Liga. No hassle, no battles (fingers crossed it stays that way!), he handles the food brilliantly himself with no gagging/choking/food refusal or me trying to convince him to eat foods he doesn't want, he's had no wind or poo issues etc. It's just been really worry free and he has gained a load of weight since starting, really happy with himself and very easy in comparison to the spoons I tried him on at 20 weeks (which is older than your LO). You might want to keep going and fair dues if you do, but don't feel under pressure to wean so early if you don't want to - it hasn't done my boy any harm!
Daff Posts: 11644
I'd maybe give it a little break for a while and then try again with something else. you don't want him asscoiating solids with getting sick. DD is the same age and I'm not plannign on weaning for a good while yet, mainly because I don't think she's ready at all. I had planned to at about 4 months, but she's gaining weight steadily and I just feel she's still too young. She watches me eat like a hawk but never reaches for the food (well anymore than she'd reach for anything in her eyeline).
dhidra Posts: 3147
I would leave it for a while. Given your LOs age and adjusted age there really should be no rush. Try again in a few weeks with some fruit or veg.
snowbear Posts: 2107
It does seem v early to be honest. And as the others said, food in the early stages is about learning how to eat rather than nutrition. We left it till about 23 weeks, I didn't even want to wean then but LO was knawing the leg of the table at that stage and clearly ready for it. He guzzled his firsst solids and is the same since thank goodness.
Gingham Posts: 3014
My ds is brilliant with his milk...knocks back huge bottles and is never sick. However when I started weaning him early, I had awful trouble with him vomiting the solids back up..was getting very worried. Anyway since hitting 6 months, the weaning has really took off and we are now established on three meals a day and he is a scoff, always looking for more and never pukes up!! If it was me I would hold off for a while... I was also told my the phn to start at 17 weeks but if I was back again I would of just waited until 6 months, its just so much easier!!
charliesangel Posts: 2106
thanks for all the replies girls me and hubby have decided to wait as she is so tiny 11lbs and we feel like the phn was pushing us to do it just worried that she is not getting enough milk but she seems happy enough with what she is taking god its all so worring this paernt lark :o0 :o0
CarrieD Posts: 460
i think you've made the right decision - as a prem baby her digesive system will prob take a bit longer to develop aswell - i found that with our litle man (he was 6 weeks early) - i waited till he was 6 months and he was literally grabbing the spoon off me then and he absolutely loves his food now. a lot of people including our PHN advised to wean earlier cos he has reflux and they said the solid food would stay down better than the milk but i wasn't convinced and also as there is a history of allergies in our family i thought it best to hold off anyway no harm in waiting a while - best of luck