1st Trimester & irrational fear

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babybliss Posts: 437
Girls, I told the boss yesterday and the rest of the team today. I know the news will travel like forest fire in our office and now I am terrified! I am so scared something will go wrong now I told them… Gosh, I know it’s irrational, but I just can’t help it. I’m just over the 12 week mark and thought it would be safer after that, but just read in one of my books that the risk of miscarriage reduces after the 1st trimester, which isn’t over until you hit the 14 week mark?? I always thought it would get easier after the 12 weeks, but I seem to be even more terrified now :o(
wifetobe Posts: 1438
babybliss don't worry I was the same...the risk is significantly redunced after 12 weeks. It's only now I'm starting to relax and then I'll hear about a miss at 20 weeks, and then stillbirths, it never ends. Everyone is different, the best advice I took was to be positive, your baby will be fine. :xxx
Emme Posts: 4735
Babyliss try not to worry, it's just hormones making you think a little mad! There is no link between telling people and anything happening to your baby. Of course it's sensible to wait but I would say on average I've been told about pregnancies around the 10/12 week mark. I've heard of ones at my stage now (a little crazy but sure excitement takes over) and someone elses at 17 weeks. Enjoy the excitement and the fuss!!
MaltaMammy Posts: 853
babybliss no matter what stage in pregnancy you are at there is always a risk, yes the risk of miscarriage is 'reduced' after 12 weeks but there are other things too! My point is, you can't worry yourself in to a knot for every day of your pregnancy, just look after yourself as best you can and try to think as positively as you can. I haven't tried it myself, but I have heard that the hypnobirthing program is good for helping you to stay positive, maybe give it a shot? :wv
wifetobe Posts: 1438
Hi-just wanted to say congrats Emme - a brand new little bean! Good luck xxx :lvs
babybliss Posts: 437
Thanks girls, I know it's silly to worry,but just can't help myself. Might just have an early night tonight and relax :lvs
wifetobe Posts: 1438
AND...your in your 13th week now! :xxx 12 is gone...