1st Trimester ladies - whats yer daily diet?

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
I'll start with mine girls 7.30am toast and tea 10am cereal bar 12 pm banana or orange 1.30pm sandwich and soup 4pm tea and biscuits 7pm dinner usually meat and veg or curry or pasta 9pm usually yogurt or something The above is a healthy day, throw in a bag of taytos and a bar of choc for a bad day!!
mummytime Posts: 3149
Breakast Before pregnancy- museli and green tea Now - cornflakes Mid- Morning Snack Before pregnancy - fruit/nuts and green tea Now - tuc biscuits Lunch Before pregnancy - tuna and avacodo salad Now -panini Dinner Before pregnancy - salmon and green beans Now - waffles and fish fingers As you can see my diet has gone to pot. I hate eating this kind of food however I just cant face so many foods at the moment:hic .It will improve as the morning sickness passes.
Dr of love Posts: 425
[quote="mummytime":1bl3n2i3]Breakast Lunch Before pregnancy - tuna and avacodo salad Now -panini.[/quote:1bl3n2i3] I laughed when I saw this mummytime, when I see the word panini I wretch, for some reason I can't stand it. Even worse if there is a picture of one along with the word :hic Breakfast BP - Nothing Now - Muller fruit corner straight away. Cherios and milk 30 mins later when I start to wretch again. Tub of fruit 45 mins later and some ginger nut biccies and a glass of milk if I am still boarderline pukey after that. Lunch BP - Anything and everything, love big lunches (hate sandwiches) Now - Chicken sandwich or chicken wrap is my lunch of choice, can't get it enough Dinner BP - Big home cooked meal, loads of veg Now - As long as I eat by 6.30 I can eat. Every day is different but kebabs seem to go down the best :duh: If I wait to eat later, I start puking and end up only being able for a little icecream and ginger tea. In between snacks BP - Nothing, ever Now - All day long, dry cheerios, bananas, ham cheese croissants, ice cream, McD's milkshakes.... My tummy is getting so so blobby! I always had a nice flat one and I know its not the baby growing, its me eating and lying horizontal 90% of every day trying to cope with the ms. As soon as the ms is gone, I am going back to healthy eating immediately. Will try to shift the blub before baby is born (while feeding baby well too of course).
lovethesite Posts: 1054
Thought I'd bump this up as its had loads of views but very few replies. My diet has changed and now a small lunch is no good to me, need a big roll or sambo! Also, sicker in the evenings so having small suppers like toast instead of the normal big dinner.
mama2E Posts: 670
Breakfast - Cereal and orange juice Snack - orange/apple Lunch - Baked potato Snack - crisps (Wossitts/ salt & vinegar) Dinner - pasta and chicken or Chips Before I was preg: Breakfast - cereal and tea Lunch - Yogurt,apple, banana, tuna wrap Dinner - potatoes, veg and meat. Even typing this is making me feel ill - I also notice my tummy has expanded greatly. Think its the lack of exercise - havent done a tap since got my BFP (8 weeks on fri) have no energy.
littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
Breakfast - bowl of cereal the minute i wake up at about 6.30am. Otherwise will spend morning puking. Weekend breakfasts are pancakes with fruit or just toast. Second breakfast - two slices of toast or a scone at 9.00am to combat the nausea from the train journey to work. Lunch - Cully & Sully soup with a bread roll or a pasta salad. Dinner - totally depends. Veggie curry last night and night before. Some evenings it's just toast. But apart from aubergines and mushrooms seem to have gone off most veg. Have taken to having a tin of pink salmon on toast - delicious! Before bed - a cracker or two and glass of milk but trying to stop this as woke four times during the night to go to the bathroom. Not sure if it's pregnancy related or just too much milk. Constantly have packet of water biscuits or tuc crackers on the go too. Graze on them all day. Other snacks during the day are fruit - pinapple on way to work, apple and orange during the day at work and berries in the evening. Am drinking about a litre of milk every day. I've put on a fair bit of weight already (about 8 lbs) and have a little pooch going on but last night I realised that it's actually hard and not just fat. I haven't been eating very healthy but am trying. There's only so much you can do when you put a piece of vegtable in your mouth and your body just wants to spit it out. But on the other hand, am not going to obsess about my weight. I'm tall and was about a stone heavier than I wanted to be when i got pregnant so I'm a bit big. But work clothse still fit. Can't find a dress for a party I'm going to next week though. Tried loads on in Debenhams yesterday and they made me feel like a whale :o( DH thinks I look fab though :-8 Mama2E, your baked potato idea is a good one. I might try that. I've also been eating a lot of tinned beans lately, something I'd never have eaten much of. And processed peas - with a big pile of creamy mash with loads of butter. Yummy!! Anytime I moan about my bad diet to a friend she says says to me "Are you smoking crack? Snorting coke? Shooting heroin? No? Good! You're doing grand". I know she's kidding but the essential point is that if we're doing our best (which i think we all are) and try to get some fruit or veg in where we can, lets not beat ourselves up about it. Have accepted the fact that I will put on weight. And that is fine. (as a gold member of WW and a lifelong dieter, it takes a lot for me to admit that :o0 )
capricorn04 Posts: 527
Great to read and get your idea's I;m still in the depths of MS but I will add my own once i can eat 3 meals a day!!!
lovethesite Posts: 1054
just wanted to bump this as I'm still eating crap and getting worried that 1. its not good for babs and 2. I'll be like a house by feb!!! :-(
Peaches78 Posts: 768
I just wanted to bump this too! I only got my bfp on Tuesday so Im trying to be good but will write my list when I get a routine going! Great thread! :o)ll
capricorn04 Posts: 527
Finally able to eat again :))) Brekkie - OJ/water Special K with this added fibre that I get in Aldi - Helen's I think its called Snacks - mandarins, watermelon, banana's - easy with my job to have these, as we don't get breaks just he hour lunch, so just need to grab when i can Lunch - soup, sandwich, whateva my fancy Afternoon - prob more fruit Dinner - baked potato with cheese/beans spag bol, salads I feel as long as your getting a good balance of fruit n veg, its all good