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Mrs Ram Posts: 1705
Hi am only new on this forum, edd is 02/03/08 baby No 2, am going to Holles St and at my 1st Hospital visit i will be 17 weeks how many weeks was/will everyone else?
NotHere Posts: 10273
Hey Ram, congrats again! :o)ll :o)ll Are you going public or private? I'm not in Dublin but am going private and had first scan at 12 weeks but if I'd gone public it would've been roughly 20 weeks before I'd get a scan. Don't forget that your doctor can check for the babies heartbeat from 12 weeks on, and that is SO reassuring and will keep you going until the 17 weeks scan :wv
Topolino Posts: 1659
Hi Mrs Ram, I had my first visit with scan at 8 weeks, then another at 12 and another at 16 weeks. My next one is next Monday, when I'll be approximately 21-22 weeks and I've the big appointment on the 20th August. I think it's scandalous having to wait for 20 weeks. I found out at my 8 week scan that I was carrying twins. I can't even imagine having to wait 5 months for that.
Mrs Ram Posts: 1705
i am going public, not even sure when my first scan will be but it wont be at the 1st appointment