2.5 weeks to go .... any tips???!

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Toriamos Posts: 25
Hi I'm getting married in just over two weeks - anyone have any tips so I feel great on the day? I feel bad today as I went out on Wed and ate a burger last night - hangover munchies - I feel really guilty and bloated. Am considering just eating salads and fruit for the next few weeks and cutting out carbs - will this have any effect in two weeks?? Thanks
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
I'm sure it would but if I were you I'd cut back rather than cut out carbs. You do need them for a reason...energy....and I'm sure you'll be rushed of your feet for the next 2 weeks and will need every bit of energy you can muster. You wouldn't want to be so worn out you didn't enjoy your day. Or worse, every brides nightmare.....pass out on the way down the aisle in front of everyone and make a holy show of yourself :o0 Also, if your dress fits you perfectly now you wouldn't want to lose too much weight as I wouldn't look as good if it's a bit loose. Have a great two weeks and good luck :wv
sue27 Posts: 604
Loads of water (at least 2l a day), cut down/out alcohol, any added sugars, reduce (not cut out completely) carbs and base your meals around veg and protein, fruit in between meals. try and get a few long walks/gym sessions in. It's hard in the last week or so before the wedding, cause you will probably be running around getting last bits done, so it's important to be prepared. a good brekkie is vital (fruit and joghurt with some cereal maybe), make sure you have healthy snacks with you (I find apples brilliant, also almonds or dried apricots). good luck! You must be so excited, it's so close now!
Toriamos Posts: 25
Thank you very much for your tips guys - I guess we all know what to do really we just need someone else to tell us! Thanks! M