2 days in San Francisco!

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Oldbride Posts: 27
Hi there We are going to San Francisco for two days on route to NZ and would love some recommendations on what is essential to see (other than alcatraz) and some really nice restaurants and bars ect. Cheers J
Anon10yr+ Posts: 1874
Chinatown.There is a famous restaurant there that I brought hubby too for his birthday.You have to go up a lift to it, wish I remember name, anyway posh out but fun too and food out of this world.Chinatown is small in SF so you will find it. Yerba Buena gardens behind cinemas,lovely place for a coffee and chill out. Go on a Napa Vally tour.There are balloon fligts too. 2 days is short,just amble around and soak in the atmosphere,unusual buildings,churches etc
SandraM Posts: 1112
The Daily Grill is a really nice restaurant - it's on Geary Street I think. The only bar that we found to have any sort of atmosphere was Foley's on O'Farrell Street. Apart from Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge there's not much else to see really. There's a huge park at the western end of the city (can't remember the name - sorry!) which is very pretty. And pier 39 is worth a look if you need to buy keyrings, fridge magnets etc. :roll: It's a lovely, pretty little city - so enjoy! :D
Oldbride Posts: 27
Thanks girls Also just one other question I forgot to add in first post, getting from airport to hotel (staying at Fishersman's wharf) what is the best way? Take a cab or are there shuttles etc? Thanks and sorry for all the questions! J
SandraM Posts: 1112
We got a shared taxi from the airport. There'll be loads of them parked outside the airport waiting for ye. It's way cheaper and just as quick as a private taxi.
Mrs Leela Posts: 262
Hiya - if you want to do Alcatraz book online before you go. Its often sold out on the day you want to go. Don't do China town at night time its a dump! If you are down at the wharf you should try to do the WWII submarine which is docked there. Its an experience. For a laugh and if you like shrimp go to Bubba Gumps on Pier 39. Cocktails are great and the food is good. Full of Forest Gump merorbilia! Has lovely views of the harbour. Go see the sealions which live at the back of pier 39! Dont forget Lombard Street. Try to walk down it rather than up it, it nearly killed me! Have fun, there is lots to do. Just bring a warm jacket! It gets really cold at nighttime.
SanFranBride Posts: 212
One place I would recomend is Roys which has Hawaiian Fusion food. Just yummy.......... They have a fix prix menu option that is always good value or you can go al la carte. I love their Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi and the choclate souflee is to die for. And cocktails are wonderful too http://www.roysrestaurant.com/ A cab from the airport to Fishermans wharf will cost about $50, I normally get a shuttle to and from the airport. Don't forget a cable car ride.
Anon10yr+ Posts: 1874
Also just remembered we stayed in the Artist area.Lots of galleries etc and enjoyed that. Definitely do the cable car, brings you all over. Not sure you'll have time but a trip to Sausalito island
Oldbride Posts: 27
Thanks so much for all the replies ladies, its a great help! J
lainy - Apr 05 Posts: 264
Hiya, Just to confirm you defo need to book Alcatraz before you go as they were booked up days in advance when we were there. We got a cancellation but just to be on the safe side you should check it out. Also regarding restaurants, Asia De Cuba is lovely in the Clift hotel. Check out their website on Google. Also Cityscape restaurant in the Hilton is gorgous - Check out www.cityscaperestaurant.com . Regarding hotels we stayed in the Monaco and it was fab. Its next door to the Clift..