2 hour pre marriage course,anyone got info??

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norzsept09 Posts: 165
hi everyone, when it comes to the wedding i have loads done, but on the legal and religious side im a disaster!! h2b HATES the thoughts of doing the pre m course, every time i mention it it goes down like a lead brick and to be honest im not so keen on it myself, mainly because i know hell be having kittens beside me! someone said to us recently that there is a course run in cork, possibly mallow that is only two hours long which would be brilliant but cant get through to accord today to find out O:| and dont want to say anything to h2b in case its not on!! also he works for his dad in the plant hire business, so nine to five monday to friday jobs are something we have no knowledge of, so he couldnt commit to one of those 4 fri eveings and 2 sat morning ones!! i know some of ye mite say tell him to take the time off but with the way building is gone, if the work is there it has to be done!! any replies and help very apprecaited!! Norz :wv
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
[url:1wijnc9a]http://www.mrcs.ie/index.html[/url:1wijnc9a] This one is a three hour session. They do them in cork too. Check the site for locations.
norzsept09 Posts: 165
thanks misty 21, :thnk is that one recognised by the catholic church?? heard some of the ones that arent through accord wont do, and its bad enough having to do it once but twice will be like torturing him!! :o0
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I think Cork Marriage Counselling Centre in Paul Street do a 3 hour one with a workbook thing and then you go back to discuss the results for an hour, 021-4275678. The other one mentioned by misty is probably not recognised, it tells you on the website to check if your priest accepts it. It depends, some priests don't mind which one, as long as you have done some marriage preparation of some kind, others will only accept the ACCORD one because a priest comes in for a couple of hours on those. We did the ACCORD one in Cobh and it wasn't that bad, it was long alright though.
norzsept09 Posts: 165
the priest that is marrying us is pretty ok id say hell be fine but better check, but id say hell be fine, at least hes marrying us which is a bonus when we are already living together and have kids!!
Momof2 Posts: 3884
Hiya We did the MRCS one and we'd really recommend it as its one on one aswell and your a bit more open to being truthful about stuff if your not in a large group while we both were allergic to the thought of doing it it was actually a fantastic experience check that your priest accepts it but most of them do Good Luck
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
Yeah you better check with your priest to be definite. I know someone who did it and it was fine with their priest but I wouldn't risk just going ahead of it without saying it first.
s wife Posts: 1445
ours was only 2 hrs ( i think ) we did it with avalon they do evenings which was great as we didnt need to take time off work have to say i was dreading it as was h2b he no more wanted to do it but the priest insisted and we both have agreed since that its something that will stand to us the fella that did ours was youngish which was brilliant as he put you at ease and you could have a bit of banter aswell anyway the site is www.avalonrc.com :wv