2 month wait after holiday vaccinations

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so_clear Posts: 397
We got holiday vaccinations (typhoid, tetanus, hep A, diphteria, polio) a couple of weeks ago and were told by the doctor administering the vaccines and by our GP to wait for 2 months before we TTC. Am a bit bummed out by it now as was hoping to start on hols... O:|
shoegal Posts: 323
Really?? I would double check that again. My DH had to go overseas and got numerous vaccines and we did a huge amount of reasearch and was told it doesn't affect sperm in any way at all. Maybe because you got the vaccines also? But if that was the case i thought vaccines last a lot longer than 2 months! Also what about all the ladies who go on h-moon and start trying, i know some of them must have got vaccines when they went to exotic places?! Best of luck
so_clear Posts: 397
It's cos I got them too. Dr administering them and our GP said to wait 2 months even though they're not live vaccines just to be on the safe side as your immune system might not be fully up to par after them, so you'd be leaving yourself open to catching things and risking damaging a baby. O:|
so_clear Posts: 397
Have just found this online: [url:ouv60old]http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/travel/holidayvaccinations/[/url:ouv60old] so maybe you only have to wait for 1 month???
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Was concerned about this and asked my doctor who told me you didnt' need to wait at all