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Delish Posts: 4176
I have read over my birth story about ten times now, and I have tears in my eyes when I read it. When I was writing it I wanted to get it down and I just got enthralled in it and before I knew it, the story had turned into an epic. I knew it would be long but I didn't expect it to be sooooooo loooong, I even left out some little tit bits. Anyway now I am so happy that I have the story saved on my computer. I was approaching it practically when I was writing it, but now I feel so emotional reading over it, and it is such a great keepsake to have, so piece of advice number 1; write a birth story, as it's lovely to have. Secondly stitches: I was putting witch hazel on the pads each time I changed them and the district nurse told me that my stitches were not healing as fast as they should be as the area was not dry enough. So if you get stitches go easy on the witch hazel and remember to sit around naked for a while morning and evening in order to allow air to circulate around the stitches :-8
naughtybutnice Posts: 1858
just read over my birth story and it sounds manic! was a shocker though. got teary eyed and frightened all over again. I found tea tree oil great for the stitches-a few drops in the bath. relief!! big mat pads useful too-loss wasn't heavy but wearing them 2at a time brought comfort to stitches. I was walking around alot.
roxychick Posts: 1802
Thanks guys
under construction Posts: 3458
Thanks for the advice ladies, and congrats again on your little bundles.