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Miki Posts: 309
Hello All, Just wondering is okay to get highlights in early pregnancy, im just 5 weeks and have an appointment for easy mesh on friday, do you think its okay to go ahead with it. Secondly, i was just wondering of the name of the cream you rub on your belly during pregnancy. Just bloated at the moment but i heard its never too soon for elasticity of your skin. Best luck to all testing this week & good luck to all that got a positive!
Miki Posts: 309
Sorry - just noticed somebody posted the highlight question already so you can ignore that one!
shoegal Posts: 323
i got highlights at about 6 weeks and it was no problem, only problem hairdresser said is that the colour might take to your hair different (it didn't for me). Its actually on the hair and not your skin /scalp so its fine! I use Bio-Oil for my tummy, its meant to be the best. Best of luck with your pregnancy xx
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
I would use bio oil also.
summer days Posts: 112
I use Bio-oil too.. defo the best and a little goes a long way!!!
Sart Posts: 441
is the oil not very oily? stupid question but you know what I mean? I use palmers Coca butter. Its very rich adn the smell takes a bit of getting used to but it has vit E in it and you can get dressed striaght away.
sequined spandex Posts: 80
It's actually not that oily, as you only use a tiny bit when rubbing in so it's well absorbed. the bio-oil is good for moisturising any part of your body, and the smell is not overpowering. the cocoa butter is good too though!
grumpy Posts: 1280
I don't find with the Bio Oil that a little goes a long way at all! Its not oily though, not like baby oil is. It gets absorbed in really well. And I think the smell is gorgeous. Only problem is that its giving me a rash at the top of my legs, its too expensive to use all-over, and the Palmers Cocoa butter made me itchy everywhere! Think I might just go back to my dove body silk as it lasts much longer and makes my skin feel great!
Sart Posts: 441
[quote:2ztkpnnt] dove body silk![/quote:2ztkpnnt] god, I love that stuff. your skin really does feel like silk doesn't it? are you supposed to put the bio-oil just on your tummy and thighs or all over? are you supposed to wait until you've stretch marks or is it to prevent them?
grumpy Posts: 1280
Due to the expense, I've just been putting it on the prone areas - tummy, boobs, thighs, bum and hips. It says you can use it all-over and everywhere. I need something all-over as my skin is so dry, but I'd be going through a bottle a week if I did that!! You should start using it (or whatever you choose) as early as you can so as to try and prevent stretch marks. To be honest though, if you're going to get them, nothing will stop them happening. I remember on my dd people swore that baby oil was the miracle, or else a vitamin E cream from Body Shop. And I gurantee that in another few years there'll be another new "miriacle" cure/preventer out there! I certainly can't hurt to use it, but it won't stop what nature intends to give you!