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Lunasa Posts: 140
Hi Girls, 1. Just got my BFP thurs and im 4 wks 5 days (i think!). when should i go to doc? 2. Have been taking folic acid for last 4 months and usually take vivioptal also. also take zinc for my skin. Should i stop taking what i was taking and just start pregnacare or something like that? is there suffiient folic acid in those? Thanks girls. :lvs
milis Posts: 7998
You should be okay to go to your GP now, but if you have a container, I'd bring first morning urine with you, just to be sure!!! Pregnacare has enough folic acid in it, has the same amount as clonfolic. I don't know about the other suppliment you are taking, but if there's Vitamin A in it you should stop taking it, as you shouldn't take extra Vitamin A during pregnancy!
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
Hiya Lunasa, i'm pretty new to this baby lark stuff and we're tcc at the mo, first off congratulations on your BFP :o)ll :o)ll i myself would go the doc asap even if it's just for a chat and to get some advice. Folic acid should still be taken up til 12 wks pregnant not sure about the the other q's HTH :wv :wv
red_rubies Posts: 2424
Congrats!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll As the other's have said, go to the doctor to put your mind at ease. I think I was 7 weeks when I went so it's up to you. I would stop taking all other vitimans, bar the folic acid. Doctor told me preg women should only take vitimans specifically for preg women! I've taken pregnancare (with added omega) all throught my pregnancy, but that's just to ensure that I'm getting all the vitimans I need - my diet isn't always that varied!
Lunasa Posts: 140
Thanks girls, we're so excited. :o)ll think il go mon. will be 5wks by then. best wishes to u all :lvs
blondiee Posts: 771
Congrats Lunasa, welcome to this wonderful part of your life :wv
Lunasa Posts: 140
thanks blondiee, hope ur feeling well and congrats to u too! :lvs