2 sacs,different sizes only 1heartbeat

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hopeful lady Posts: 280
Hi ladies, just wondering has anyone had any experience of this. Had a scan in epu today at 6w1d and saw 2 sacs.. only 1 there last week. Sac A was measuring around 17mm and had fetal pole and hb but sac B was only measuring 8mm and was empty. Dr said to come back in ten days to see what happens with it. Anyone have anything like this?
Fruice Posts: 677
It sounds like it started out as twins but one stopped growing at some stage and now there's one baby that is properly growing as normal. I've heard of this happening people quite a few times, sometimes it just happens. Now obv I don't know this is definitely what's happening for you but that fits the description from what I've read/heard.
UsineBB Posts: 112
Hopeful Lady I hope you're OK. What Fruice says above is correct, there's a bit about that in What To Expect When You're Expecting. It happens relatively frequently that two eggs are fertilised but only one "thrives". I'll have a look in my book when I get home and see if there's any more detailed info.
rosiemama Posts: 3363
Congrats on your pregnancy. I had a similar thing happen when I had a heavy bleed at ten weeks. Scan showed two sacs but only one hb and the other stopped growing. Went on to have normal pregnancy with no complications and DS2 is now almost 3. It's a bit sad when you think about it but try not to dwell on it and focus on your healthy pregnancy.
hopeful lady Posts: 280
Thanks for the replies girls. Usine I'm grand, delighted all isgood with Sac A. Have read up a bit on vanishing twin and bit more chilled about it now. Just wasn't really sure what was going to happen with it. Thanks again!
ohsoanon Posts: 60
Same thing happened to me. 1st pregnancy started as a twin pregnancy, only one sac had a heartbeat, the other was empty. Went for a scan 10 days later but had had a small bleed in between so I reckon that was natures way of dealing with it. Oh and DS arrived 7.5 months later...perfect!
hopeful lady Posts: 280
Was spotting for most of yesterday, then it stopped last night but has started again this evening. Going to pop into epu in the morning for a scan to see what's happening, wasn't meant to go back til Fri but don't think I want to wait that long.
hopeful lady Posts: 280
Had another scan this morning, Second sac has doubled in size to 16mm so have to wait another week to see what's happening. other one is doing fine.
Doozer28 Posts: 881
Did they give any indication as to what they think is happening? Great that the other is doing well
ohsoanon Posts: 60
hopeful lady, you must be gone mad with the waiting. You never know, could all work out well. I know its hard to keep patient but you'll know more in the next week.