2 Stone by Christmas - Who's With Me?

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Gizobel Posts: 207
Hi girls, I bought my dress online earlier this year, and bought it 2 sizes too small to account for all the weight I was planning to lose :duh: Well it's now October and I haven't lost a pound yet, and the wedding is a mere eight months away! I am setting myself the lofty target of 2 stone by Christmas, as I would like to lose 3-4 stone overall to be comfortably in the dress. I have a lot to lose, which is why I'm hoping that it'll come off relatively quickly at first. I've downloaded the app MyFitnessPal on my phone and will track everything that passes my lips throughout the day. Trying to keep it under 1,200 calories a day for the moment and see how it goes. I'll do kettlebells and cardio at least three times a week, and weigh every Saturday morning. So who's with me? You don't have to aim for 2 stone btw, I know it's a lot! It would be great if we could all encourage each other :)
Gizobel Posts: 207
Well day 1 has been good so far. Had a lovely Innocent veg pot for lunch, very tasty and only 258 cals. OH is a divil for crisps so I've had to be a bit draconian and ban the big multipacks, as I can't help myself :-8 Feck it, I'm only getting married once and desperate times call for desperate measures!!
sept2012bride Posts: 218
I am needing to get back on track now that the wedding and honeymoon are done and dusted. All the healthy eating and fitness went out the window. Had lost nearly a stone and a half before the wedding (still needed to lose 1.5 for my overall goal) and put back on 8lbs :weep Would love to be 2 stone down for crimbo. You know 10lbs is a dress size so don't kill yourself! Have the app on the phone aswell as the weight watchers one so just have to decide now which one to do. Also want to get back into the 30 day shred.
Maverick13 Posts: 35
Hi Gizobel, Best of luck with your fitness mission :) I use an app called "livestrong" to track what I eat and the exercise that I do each day. It really opens your eyes to how many calories we REALLY eat compared to what we should to reach our goals. O-O
chilis Posts: 149
I'm in. I would love to lose 3 stone. Had lost a stone and a half before the summer and have it all back on. Really need to get back to class and move my ass.
Gizobel Posts: 207
Thanks everyone, some great tips already! @Sept2012, for some reason it always takes a lot more than 10lb for me to lose a dress size. I think it's because of how I tend to put on weight, around my stomach. I'm feeling extremely motivated, would hate to look back on my pics with regret. Gonna be an angel with my diet O:o)
tassajara Posts: 723
Me! I need to lose a stone and desperately want to get back to my normal weight/ size. I'm pretty active as it is, I just need to keep going with the exercise and improve my diet. I run 2-3 times a week, take a dance class once a week and do strength training after my runs, so that aspect isn't too bad. My diet though can fluctuate between being really good one day to being absolutely awful the next day, and I need to stop letting that happen.
MustLoveDogs Posts: 74
I'm in! I have one more stone to shift and I'm finding it so hard to get rid of it, I've been good lately but I'm starting to slip back to bad habits so I could use some motivation :compress
rainboows Posts: 34
arrrggghhh!!!! im in!! Id love 2 lose 1.5stone overall, i reckon 10-14pounds by crimbo and il b delira! Trackin my food intake, and back doin alot of runnin, so hopefully we'l lose the pounds 2gether. So il weigh myself on sat, so im on the same track as yous.... good luck girlies :heartbeat:
tassajara Posts: 723
Awesome, nice to have another person here as well. My main aim is to get back into a size 8 and to be fitter and stronger, so hopefully I'll be mostly there by Christmas.