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rathkenny Posts: 936
Myself and a couple of other Wollies (Shkyler & sumjul08) need to lose about 2 stone by June. O:| I was thinking we could use this thread to motivate each other & give updates as to how we're progressing! If anybody else is in the same boat please feel free to join in. :wv :wv
garran9 Posts: 4401
I'll join!! Just posted earlier that my aerobics classes are resuming on Monday and Wednesday! H2B and myself have signed up for swimming lessons on Thursdays as well. I tend not to miss those classes so I'm hoping that they will do the trick. Gonna serious watch my food as well - portion sizes are def my problem! :wv
rathkenny Posts: 936
Excellent Garran! I'm doing WW Online and will be hitting the gym 3 times a week once I shift this horrible flu! I just feel so horrible after Christmas & never want to see chocolate again. I'm going to give alcohol a miss for the month of Jan too so hopefully that should kick-start things! :wv
ms crooner Posts: 621
Hi Can I join in too, am aiming for over a 2 stone loss for May, counting my WW points religiously and starting back in Gym next week on a 3 day a week workout.
thirdtimelucky Posts: 857
Hi girls, can I join too? As you can see from my ticker, I have a good while to go to the wedding, but would really like to ge two stone off by May/June as I have 3.5 to lose altogether. Am going to rejoin WW in the next couple of weeks and increase my sessions at the gym to 3/4 per week. Oh to be thin..... :o0
alskling Posts: 311
Can I join too please :wv I need to lose just under 2 stone by the wedding (24th May). Lost more than that last year using WW online but put most of it back on :o( Why did I order my wedding dress in a smaller size :o0
kangaroo Posts: 58
Would love to join too and lose 1 stone by summer. All the wine, beer, crisps and chocolate is making me a bit bloted!! Need some motivation ( Saying this drinking vino!!!!)
rathkenny Posts: 936
Great stuff girls! With this amount of us determined to do it I'm sure we'll make sure no one falls off the wagon! O:o) Here's the list so far: Alskling Flowerbomb Garran9 Kangaroo Ms Crooner Rathkenny Shkyler Sumjul08 My weigh in day is Sunday so I'll let you know how I'm doing tomorrow! :wv
rathkenny Posts: 936
Hi Girls, I've been v good this week but did absolutely no exercise. Stuck within my points everyday & it's paid off! I've lost 2 lbs!! :o)ll :o)ll One thing I found that's yummy & v satisfying if you getting a sweet craving is Harley's fat free jelly pots. They're only 5 kcal / 0 points. I think the mango & passion fruit one is the best! Alskling: Flowerbomb: Garran9: Kangaroo: Ms Crooner: Rathkenny: -2lbs Shkyler: Sumjul08:
thirdtimelucky Posts: 857
I haven't weighed myself yet. Going to do it in the morning, so every Monday I'll post my update! This will definitely help keep me on track!