2 weeks to go and I'm soooooooo nervous

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NickyNin Posts: 56
Hi All, Reading over all the posts here - everyone seems really excited. I'm getting married in two weeks and I'm so nervous - I could puke. It's just the wedding day rather than the marriage I'm dreading. Anyone else feel like that? Thanks
eled Posts: 713
I suppose its only natural to feel like that, worrying if anything would go wrong on the day etc. I get panicy every now and again too. Just try to relax and think about you and your H2B enjoying YOUR day, not anybody elses.
hornydevil32 Posts: 45
Good advice above! I'm getting married today week :o)ll It all feels so surreal, all the planning is coming together, theres actually light at the end of the tunnell! Its natural to be nervous and have your tummy in knots, part of the build-up! Everything will be fine on the day, theres lots of people to do the worrying for you, you'll blink and it'll be gone, try to relax and enjoy yourself! O:o)
NickyNin Posts: 56
TBH if it were up to me I would have eloped - the pressure of this big wedding is finally getting to me... Chin up and bare it I guess
keelyn Posts: 1197
oh NickyNin, you poor thing. The whole idea can be a bit daunting alright and I think most brides get nervous at some point. So don't worry about feeling nervous, it's natural,and worrying about it will only make you feel worse. Maybe you should break down the day, and see what is causing you the most concern and maybe try to find ways to make it easier. For example, one of my big concerns was that Dad would start getting all sentimental just before we left the house saying all sort of nice little things and I'd end up in tears all the way to the church. So I told him about my fears and asked him that if he wanted to get all soppy, to do it a day or two before, so that when we leave the house I'll be happy. He was great - gave me his little "pep talk" after the rehersal, and it was great! Are you afraid something will go wrong? Think about the things that could go wrong, and try to have a plan if they do. For example, it your worried that it's going to be raining - make sure you've got a couple of good strong umbrellas organised. Ask a load of your friends to make sure they throw a spare one in the boot or their car so that if who ever is supposed to have one for you forgets, they'll be a back up. Make sure you have talked to the photographer about where the photos will be take if it's a wet day. Ask your mum or some frined to carry a little emergancy kit for you that includes safety pins, needle & thread, band aids, hand wipes etc. You probably wont need any of it - but knowing it's there if you need it will help you relax. The fact that your not dreading the marrige is great, so remember the wedding is only one day, and everyone that's with you on the day will be hoping every thing goes well for you and will try their best to ensure it's the best day ever, so try to relax.
NickyNin Posts: 56
Thanks Keelyn - that's really good advice. I'll start to think more pragmatically