2 year old climbed out of cot

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happilymarried2010 Posts: 493
Last Sun we heard a thud!! our 2 year old had thrown his leg over cot & fell on the floor-we nearly died! took sides off cot to make cot bed, did the whole supernanny thing (45 times i put him back) but he was up all night coming into our room. Last night we put stair gate on his bedroom door-went to bed fine but was up most of the night crying & whinging at the gate we are at our wits end because he used to sleep for 12/13 hours straight in his cot & bedtime was NEVER EVER an issue. now its all up in a heap & he had 2 blood shot eyes going to creche this mroning from lack of sleep. Is there anything we can do? Husband tempted to put him back in the cot......
mscarebear Posts: 317
My son did same thing at 16 months, I got a travel cot and a mattress for it. Worked a treat for a few months till he was getting out of that It will take a few nights for them to settle into a new space Good luck with what you decide
Number2in2012 Posts: 172
Try to stick with it. We moved our ds to cot bed at 2 as well. Like that we had about 2weeks of literally putting him up and down 45 maybe 100 times!! It actually took 4 hourse solid one night before he fell asleep. My ds also used to sleep from 8-8 so I was so tempted to put him back into the cot. But we persevered and after two VERY long, sleep deprived weeks (I admit crying several times from sheer frustration) he just gave up!! Now he doesn't get out even once, and he's sleeping through the night as always and its been six months. Stick with it, keep doing the supernanny and keep thinking of the end result. Best of luck.