20 month old waking every night

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joer Posts: 1617
20 month old dd wakes everynight for the past month or so we are shattered! she doesn't seem to actually want anything and even gets annoyed and will cry to go back asleep. thinking of taking down the bars on the inside of the cotbed as she is always kicking and banging off them. she moves round the bed an awful lot too im wondering would a cot bed duvet and pillow encourage her to just snuggle down to sleep?? any tips greatly appreciated! !
lovelycuppatea Posts: 481
How does she nap? Our fella just got out of a phase of doing this. I think it might be developmental because nearly all the mums in my toddler group said they went through it too. We cut his nap down to 2 hours and it might have helped. Might have just been a phase that passed too though!
joer Posts: 1617
thanka i woke her after an hour and 20 mins nap..hopefully thatll help!
katiebaby78 Posts: 679
My DS2 is 21 months this week and can still wake during the night. We were holidays lately and he was so difficult that it didnt feel like a holiday at all. Mooching at night, waking early, kicking up a fuss going to bed. He was a complete nightmare! He has settled down a little in the last 2 days but we had about 2 weeks of him waking for a bottle or just being difficult. 3 is a bit of a magic age so im still waiting for that and DS1 is 4 and thats a totally great age. they dont call it the terrible 2's for nothing. And its more like the terrible 15 months - 2.5 years.
lovelycuppatea Posts: 481
We always just try and stick to our bedtime rituals as much as possible. Same bedtime, same bedtime routine and if he wakes upset at night a quick cuddle and back in his cot (repeated several times if necessary). He always comes good again but while we're going through it it's awful and you think you must be able to "fix" it but I reckon it's often just a phase. Hope he sorts himself out for you soon! My fella is going through his third phase of biting me.....oh.sweet.jesus.give.me.strength!
westcoastdreamer Posts: 41
That's just the way some people are, I still wake up for a drink of water or loo at night. There's this myth going round that all babies sleep through and if they don't there's a problem that needs fixing, but that's not the reality xx