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hipbaby Posts: 4530
Hi All! In an attempt to spread some cheer after yesterday, here is a one off 20% discount code for you all to use anytime you choose!! Just type HipRec in the promotional box at the checkout to avail of your discount! :wv www.hipbaby.ie (PS Pls spread the word about Hipbaby to friends and family! :thnk )
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
Wow, thank you! :thnk Have spotted a few things on there for my little niece! :lvs
mooky Posts: 1501
Thanks for that Hipbaby. Thinking of getting the Organic Cotton Spotty Kimono Sleepsuit and matching hat to bring baby home from hospital in. We didnt find out the sex, so need something unisex. I like the red and white sleepsuit, but not sure if it can go on a boy, looks more a girls colour? Whats the taupe colour like?
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Hi Noli the Red I think is beautiful for either its a bright red. if you prefer something more neutral the taupe is gorgeous biscuit colour and I see equal amount of the taupe gift sets for baby girls and boys. The green is also kinda cute, its different! HTH and thanks everyone for the support i appreciate it! :thnk www.hipbaby.ie
theoracle Posts: 7664
Love the kimono as well! Lots of lovely stuff!
brunette Posts: 234
Thanks Hipbaby Ive just bought the very first thing for our baby, feeling emotional!
hipbaby Posts: 4530
[quote="brunette":3ivfjog6]Thanks Hipbaby Ive just bought the very first thing for our baby, feeling emotional![/quote:3ivfjog6] Ah thats lovely! Thank you so much! :thnk www.hipbaby.ie