20 week scan rotunda

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gingernutter Posts: 1356
Hi Can anyone tell me is the 20 week scan in the rotunda done by a doctor or sonographer/midwife? Also, is it just a scan that is done or do they look for a urine sample and do a general check up on you too? Thanks!
cosy toes Posts: 38
I'd love to know ther answer to this too! thanks CT
tilsun Posts: 4506
It is the anomaly/anatomy scan and is done by a sonographer in the main ultrasound department. Unless you get a clinic appointment on the same day they only do the scan, no other check-up. But if you're due an appointment around that time you might be seen in the clinic before/after your scan, you'd get an appointment for that too so you'd know :wv
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
20 week scan is done over in the main ultrasound dept of hospital, is done by a sonographer. When i had it done i only had scan that day. Best of luck hun, its amazing to see LO in such detail, you'll get lots of pics too. Will you find out what your having? :stork:
gingernutter Posts: 1356
Thanks girls, i only got an appt for scan so doubt the doc will see me so. EverHopeful dont think we'll find out the sex of baby. I have a very strong feeling its a boy anyway. DH would love to find out but i dont think we will. Did you find out you were having a son?
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
No we didn't find out, dh wanted a surprise, i was dying to know
gingernutter Posts: 1356
[quote="ever hopeful again":csybawgr]No we didn't find out, dh wanted a surprise, i was dying to know[/quote:csybawgr] Yeah in some ways it would be nice to know but the surprise will be good! something to get me through the labour!
pag Posts: 633
We had a battleaxe as the sonographer who would hardly turn the (tiny) screen around to let us see. She completely ignored DH's question about whether she could see if baby was a boy. We only got the one scan picture too. It was so disappointing - so be warned just in case you get her. Also the Q was unreal. We had appt for 11.10 but it seems everyone had similar time. There is a desk where you need to check in - stand at the q (or get your partner to) and wait to give your name - they call people based on when they gave their name and not when they are supposed to be seen. Oh and there are usually v few seats so warn partners to be willing to stand. Enjoy!
VirgoMam Posts: 66
Pag sorry to hear your experience was so bad! I'm going s/p but all 20 week scans are done in the main unit. My appointment was for about 830am I think and I only waited about 20mins and the sonographer was soooo lovely. Took loads of time with us and reassured us that when she was quiet it was only because she was concentrating or counting something. She even apologised that the pic I got wasn't great as baby was lying on his side. I didn't have a dr appointment the same day, just the scan